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N-Power begins payment of volunteers in backlog | Over 43,000 Volunteers will be paid

It’s such a great and innovative idea for NpowerNG to give npower volunteers the privilege to view their payment history.
Though, some volunteers are yet to get any stipend since the commencement of the scheme. It’s goods news to some people every month whenever credit alert beeps.
So,  for those that have been paid, or whose one or two months are pending, follow this simple steps to check your payment history
1. Login to your npvn portal through npvn.npower.gov.ng
2. Enter your username and password, click SIGN IN
3. Click on profile option if you can’t find your payment history
4. Below your selected device is the full details, status of your payment since December 2016.

That’s all!


N-Power begins payment of backlog payment of 43,000 volunteers || All Volunteers will be paid

Since NpowerNG began payment December 2016, some beneficiaries have not gotten a penny. In this regard they’re instructed to submit complaints for them to enable Npower team take the needful action.

In a statement on its social media pages, npower says payment of the affcted volunteers are ongoing.

According to the scheme management, “the payment of the first batch of 43,000 beneficiaries commenced. The Federal Government continues to work tirelessly to ensure this experience beneficial and rewarding for you.”

Npower promised that affected volunteers would be paid on due course.

“The processing for payment for backlog of 16,000 beneficiaries have also begun and these should hit the payment stage.

“For those who recently updated their account records in the last 4-6 weeks, they should expect payment by the end of May, ” Npower said.

In the meantime, some npowerng volunteers have alluded to the payment of their outstanding stipends.

On various pages groups, some of them said they got between 2-3 sucessive salary.

They expressed joy over the development.

If you’re yet to be paid, you’ll if you earlier sent a complaint to N-Power.

They are now been paid.

More than 30 corps on various NpowerNG Facebook page attested to the payment.

One of them is Umar Abdul, N-Power volunteer in Kogi State.

“I received Dec and April before,today they gave me 2monlth alert and they did not indicate the monlth ,i belief is my jan and feb areas thanks”

If youre yet to be paid, there is hope that it’ll get to you since they attend to issues in batches.


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