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How to report H2i fraudulent member to Customer Support

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Any registered member of H2i,in any case,  wouldn’t defraud a prospective member, if he wants to grow in this SWEETEST ONLINE BIZ, and if he’s an authentic member of h2i.

But sharp practices cannot be ruled out by some bad elements. Don’t worry, they’re everywhere, but h2i team has in place adequate security measure to track down any member who indulges in any of such.

A case study:

Sometimes in April 2017, a prospective member of Helping Hands International called to report a case of seemingly dubious act perpetrated by another registered member.

Immediately she narrated her ordeal, I directed her to the customersupport of h2i to get technical support and how to track the accused down so as to resolve the issue.

She called back to thank me that her issue was resolved.

That’s one of the beauties of Helping Hands International :24/7 support.

I wouldn’t want to begin to narrate a long story here,  the essence of this piece is to make sure you have great experience with h2i in the course of your registration process.


If you found any registered member who wants to register you, ask him his user ID

Every member has an identifiable user ID

H2i Customer Support

If you have any questions or need additional information, or complain, do not hesitate to contact h2i support centre for assistance.

Its support centre runs a 24/7 service.

If your complaint is related to seemingly dubious act by any member, h2i doesn’t give room for that, you can report the person right away.

How to report to h2i

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Click on

Fill your name, e-mail address, subject, and in the message box type the username of the person that tries to defraud you, or,  who has defrauded you (if he’s a member), his phone number,  his user id , and everything you know about him.

Click on submit.

That’s all, your complaint or report would be attended to.

H2i is the best,  but one can’t over rule the existence of bad guys out there.

H2i….touching lives!

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