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N-Power Volunteer of the Week: Blessing Edengu Applauds FG, says communication gap needs to be filled

This interview with Blessing Edengu, Npower Volunteer of the week, first appeared on our Npower-dedicated blog NpowerNG Solutions. 

Tell us about yourself, what you studied, your state of origin?

My names are Blessing Edengu, am from Delta state, Ndokwa west local government, I graduated from college of Education agbor Delta state, I studied English education. I was born and brought up in Edo state, and I live in Edo state presently.

How did you feel when federal government announced that it’d be employing 500,000 via social investment programme last year?

When I heard that federal government will be employing 500,000 youth last year, as a means of reducing unemployment, I was happy but on the other side I was not happy, simply because I was scared for one reason I thought the selection will not be genuine

How did feel when you first received your npower stipend?

Wow, my first stipend  it was like a miracle because I thought it will never come. But when it came it was joy all the way.

I really want to appreciate our president for this single act may God bless him and give him more strength to continue this good work

How is the program in your place of work and your state, Edo?

For now npower program in my place of work is going on smoothly, even in the state.

We are put in our best to fill the vacant space that was empty which the pupils and students were lacking also. And by God grace our achievement before the program ends will be positive.

What will you like to achieve with npower before or after the program?

My achievement from npower program! One I want my complete stipend, because they are still owing me one month stipend, two, the device which they  promise to give us, and I want federal government to permanent us, I don’t like that world stipend but I should be call it salary.

Federal Government is planning to collaborate with state governments on N-Power implementation for a better delivery, what’s your take?

Hmmm state government ke, they will only embezzle our stipend. So I don’t advice that. The stipend should still be coming from federal government, every other thing the state should handle.

Do you know that some of those person working with the sate government will want to remove successful beneficial names, and put the names of their relatives.

It happened in Edo state, Egor local government. I want federal government to continue. I don’t trust state government.

Which areas would you like the federal government to better the program?

The area I actually want federal government to work on is communication, we are human being and not goats.

The so called focal person they said we have in each states needs to do more in the area of communication.

Carry information on time, we are like sheep without Shepherd. We work with rumor not information and this is not good for this program at all.

And secondly, the area of stipend they should work on it seriously I have a friend who have been working without pay. All her details are correct, she has sent messages many times still no stipend. Pls federal government  should do something about it.

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