Homily for May 6:Lord, to Whom Shall we Go? by Fr Abu

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Homily for May 6, 2017

The words of Peter in response to Jesus when he asked if the twelve disciples would also walk away calls for some deep reflection. “Lord, to whom shall we go?” When it comes to God, do we really have a choice? Is there an alternative to God?

If we don’t find salvation from following God as his children and walking in his ways, where else can we find salvation for our souls? Do we turn to man or to science or to technology? Are there better gods out there than the One True God who created the heavens and the earth?

If we do not find God’s words as palatable as we desire and decide to throw the Bible aside, is it in our newspapers or facebook or the latest magazine or novel that we shall find solace and nourishment for our souls? Dear friends, if we cannot find happiness following the footsteps of God, where else can we turn to?

The people walked away from Jesus and stopped following him because he told them he was going to give them his body and blood instead of the manna (ordinary bread) they were expecting. The question is: Did they eventually find a bread supplier?

Like those who walked away from Jesus, there are many times we walk away from God, either we stop taking prayers seriously, we stop being active in our pious societies, we become less fervent with our devotional activities, or we turn aside from following our conscience and begin to commit sin freely, say for instance, the case of a cheating spouse, etc.

There are times we act out of anger towards God or we seek some sort of revenge for unanswered prayers, disappointment or because of certain crisis that God allowed in our lives; crisis that so rock our faith that we start wondering if truly God still exists.

Our anger may even be as a result of some scandal we have noticed in the church coming from someone we hold in very high esteem or from those we least expected. Of course, it was rather scandalous for the people to swallow the idea of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus when they were not cannibals.

Dear friends, the point is that no matter the reason why we may want to turn our backs on God or from his church, the truth is that THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE. There is no other God and there is nowhere else to find salvation.

That which we are looking for by coming God is something which only God can provide. Our walk with God cannot be smooth all the time, there will definitely be rock-bottom moments, things would surely happen against our will and there would be times God would require very painful choices from us. Yes, we would be tempted to walk away again and again.

The best attitude we should have is that of Peter. Let us just know that with God, it is either Him or nothing else. Indeed, to the question, “to whom shall we go?” the answer is “Nobody.” Peter could have also walked away with the others, but he didn’t. Now, in our first reading, we are reading about how that same Peter was working miracles even to the point of raising a dead woman to life.

Imagine if Peter had walked away from Jesus when he didn’t understand the meaning of Holy Communion, would he have had the privilege of working miracles in the name of Jesus? Do you know what you are going to do for God tomorrow?

Dear friends, no matter how high the temptation may be to walk away from God or from following him closely, let us remember that the best is yet to come. God has not changed and will never change a bit. Just hold on. Don’t quit on God.

You may be going through a very tough time right now, your faith may have been shattered by scandal; things may be happening that you just don’t understand but I beg you, don’t give up on God. Do not walk away. Don’t drop that cross. Easter Sunday will soon come around.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, use me as your chosen instrument. Amen

*Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Saturday of the 3rd Week of Easter. Bible Study: Acts 9:31-42 and John 6:60-69).*


Fr. Abu.