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How Recharge Card Printing Machine works-Boaz Communications


How to Print from Recharge Card Machine

The price of recharge voucher machine ranges between #50-90k The price however depends on the quality and capacity of such machine.

Whatever the case is,  the main purpose is to printing recharge cards of all networks: glo, mtn, airtel, etisalat and other vouchers available in Nigeria.

NOTE: Printing of recharge card isn’t limited to the machine, there is also software that can be downloaded to aid printing vouchers.

But let’s delve more into how recharge card printing machine works for the benefit of those who are making business plan along that line.

There are some you could get for 60k,some 70k while some is 80K but if you have a laptop, you don’t need the machine, what you need is the software.

Recharge card software

Recharge card software is always cheaper than the machine ,but you’ll need a laptop plus personal printer to use the software. Recharge card printing software ranges between 25-#30,000, depending on the company or dealer..



How to print from the machine

The way you get print pins from the machine is you’ll have to deposit into the account of the machine, just like the way your phone works, without credit you can’t make calls, likewise the machine.

The machine has a dedicated account which you make deposit into.After getting the machine,  you need a minimum deposit of #10,000.

The higher the money you deposit into the machine account, the higher the number of vouchers you are able to print. So it’s been simplified to suit you.

Without recharging it by depositing money into the account you can’t print cards.

Once the deposit is done into the machine account, the bank credit the machine back with that same amount.

Once that is done, based on dealer’s negotiation with the network company.

Mtn gives discount of 4.5 percent on each card printed and other networks give 5.5 Percent.

Recharge card printing is a lucative business considering the number of Nigerians that use mobile phones and still use the conventional method of recharge top up.

Even though online recharge card/top up is doing great, millions of Nigerians still buy paper recharge cards.

If you’re financially buoyant to get the voucher printing machine, then you could start selling at cheaper prices in your community to have upper hands over other retailers.

You could even be supplying other small sellers around.

You need three things right now:

Think about it!

Get the fund!

Take action NOW!

Recharge card machine and priting is one of the SMEs.




The good news is: Infobase is an agent of BOAZ COMMUNICATIONS, the certified dealer of the machine.

How it works:

The machine is 80k but if you going to buy through infobase it’s 78k, contact us (Call/WhatsApp 08065277758) we will give you details to use to get the discount.

For the software, it’s 30k,  but if you’re buying through us it’ll be 28k.

Call Boaz on 09096000339 or WhatsApp 08026583668 for further information.

Don’t forget to get discount code from us if you’re buying the software of the machine.

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