Latest Jobs is under maintenance

Credit: Opeyemi Quadri

National Directorate of Employment job portal,, is under maintenance.

During the time of a website maintenance, visitors won’t be able to perform any task.


What is Website Maintenance?

“Website Maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the operational integrity of your website or intranet. In other words, it is about doing all the things needed to make sure your site runs smoothly and according to plan,” Shane Diffily

According to his book “The Website Manager’s Handbook” the activities from which Website Maintenance is composed are:

  1. Website Publishing: To keep content up-to-date.
  2. Website Quality Assurance: To spot errors on a site.
  3. Website Feedback Monitoring: To manage communication with website visitors
  4. Website Performance Monitoring: To measure success.
  5. Website Infrastructure Monitoring: To supervise hosting.
  6. Change Control: To manage technical and other changes in a co-ordinated way.

These activities are usually carried out by members of a Website Maintenance Team.

Credit: Opeyemi Quadri

Carrying out a maintenance exercise on job portal means user experience would be improved, to fix minor and other technical problems the website might be passing through.

It’d be recalled that npower subdomain, was redesigned and proper maintenance exercise was carried out on the website recently for a great user experiences.

It’ll re-open soon!