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NPVN Portal:Is it true we are to reselect N-power Techno Pad?

Techno reselection rumour: How to check if you’re to change your npower tablet 

An on-line media came up with a story of device re-selection yesterday, thereby creating panic among npower volunteers who already choseTechno Pad.

It’d be recalled that some weeks back, those who had already chosen HP were directed to reselect another device due to the unvailability of HP device.

This time, we’ve checked and also directed some of our followers who chose Techno Pad to check their npvn portal to be sure if there is any update on it. 

Fortunately no npower volunteer corps has told us that there is a link or option for re-selection

How to check if you’re to change your Npower Techno Pad

1) Login to your npvn portal

2) Click on home if you’re using android

3) Below your Npower verified logo click on “Click here to see device selected”

4) It should load your npower techno pad tablet and it’s specifications

5) If there is no instruction or any option for you to re select, then ignore the umverifed news.

Alternatively, click on Announcements on the dashboard. 

Please disregard any unverified news about npower. If you’re unsure of the info you heard, head straight to your portal to check.

Ordinarily, you should login to your npvn portal at least once a day to check if there is any update, since your portal is the link between Npower, Abuja and you.

Bribe no one,  Npower recruitment is free.

Check Npower Techno Pad Collection Centres here

Which of the device did you select?  We’ll tell you the collection centres.

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