Simplest methods to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

Note: This article first appeared on Quora.

There are a number of reasons why a friend might block you on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app.

  1. If you constantly spam the person
  2. If you send unsolicited chats all the time
  3. If you disturb the person with religions chats that’s it’s not his belief,  you might also be blocked.
  4. If you are too demanding financially.
  5. If there are grudges between you and the person can also lead you being blocked. 

Whatever the reasons are, here are the 4 simplest methods to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

4 simplest methods to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

Method #1: Notice Last Seen Status

If the Last Seen feature of WhatsApp is activated in your profile, it means you will also be able to see other people’s Last Seen status. But if someone blocked you on WhatsApp, the last seen status won’t be visible.

I mean to say if xyz blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see his/her WhatsApp status, and only blank space will be seen all the time.

So, if you were previously able to see someone’s last seen status but now only blank space is showing, it means the person has blocked you.

Still, one thing may rebut that blank space means someone blocked you; may be that person stopped sharing his/her last seen to everyone. So, in this condition you may also see blank space.

But, no worries if this method doesn’t suite for you. There are still many other methods to find if you’re blocked on WhatsApp by one of your contacts.

Method #2: WhatsApp Profile Photo

If someone blocked you on WhatsApp, it can also be detected by having a look on person’s profile picture. I mean if you’re blocked by someone, you won’t be able to see his/her profile picture.

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May be the contact picture of that person saved in your phone will be visible at the place of WhatsApp profile picture. Or it will be like the person doesn’t set profile picture.

Method #3: Check if Message Delivered or Not

If someone blocked you, your messages won’t be delivered to that person. It means you will never see the double tick sign on sent messages.

The read receipt (double tick sign) only displays when receiver receives the message. If it doesn’t display, it simply means either the user is not using WhatsApp at that time or you’re blocked.

Method #4: Try to Make WhatsApp Call

If someone blocked you, you won’t be able to connect a WhatsApp call with that person. If you try calling that person on WhatsApp, call will automatically end without connecting and you’ll always see the Call End message.

If you’ve been blocked by someone on WhatsApp, you can’t unblock by yourself unless the person that blocked you unblock you willingly.

Or you find solution to the grievance between you and the person.