Helping Hands International (H2i)

H2i testimony of the month: Olumide Adepitan Kulajolu shares his success story

This is Mr Olumide Adepitan Kulajolu, one of the success stories of Helping Hands International.

In this photo news, he shares with us how he became one of the big boys of H2i in Nigeria.

Pix 1: He registered with 6,600,and got one laptop.

Pix 2: He caught the vision of multiple accts,and got more laptops with $1000 added to each laptop on his hands.

Pix 3: More laptops dropping for him including $1000 added to each laptop.

Pix 4: A greater change has happened in his life, cause now he is a Double Minister. Meaning that 2 out of his multiple accts has given him 2 SUV with $6000.

H2i Rocks????

At least pictures tells it better…

Some will ask you to convince them more to join H2i . I mean come on why should I convince you to make and earn a living. It’s a personal choice.

If the car awards, photos, pictures and other  testimonies on different social network platforms about helping hands international don’t convince you to take action then nothing will.

All  I know is that HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL is changing peoples lives everyday and that is what I need to know*

I am working towards using the H2i platform to empower people and to touch lives.

*Who is ready to come on board*??????