Good governance quotes by Peter Obi, former Anambra governor

Former governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi,  won the hearts of many Nigerians while he was in office for being prudence in spending.

Here are some of Obi’s good governance quotes of all time.

“”We did not save money because the Governors did not want that.”

“No need agonizing about yesterday, it saps us of the energy to change tomorrow.”

“Today, Budget IT showed only four states are viable- LAGOS, Rivers, Awka-Ibom and Enugu. Even those that are viable are saddled with huge debts.”

“Cost of governance here is unacceptable, we must reverse it now or it consumes everybody.”

“In Nigeria, House members sit for about two times in a week, yet it is a full time job”

“The most critical thing for the country is education. While Asian countries were busy investing in education, we were busy investing in consumption, picnicking and dancing. In Asia, things are changing, being driven by education.”

“In education, the Federal Government wanted to invest 22.5 Billion Naira, but the States said they did not have money to pay as counter part. How can we get 25 Billion Naira?  A Governor in Nigeria uses 25 vehicle convoy, the wife 15 and Deputy 10. I started with it. Today’s average cost of one vehicle on the convoy is 25 million Naira. It is therefore approximately 1.25 billion  per state, and 45billion Naira for the 36 states. All they need is reduce the convoy to 12 vehicles for Governor, 7 for the wife and 5 for the Deputy and there would be enough money for the counterpart. In my own time, we discussed it in EXCO, I used 5 vehicles and my deputy 3. Using small convoy vehicle does not make you less a Governor.”

“It is criminal and irresponsibility that some states receive 3 to 4 billion Naira every month and take over 1 billion Naira as security vote per month. Even if we are in a war situation, we should even declare surrender.”

“We should not spend more than 5% of our revenue as security vote. If there is any need to spend more, it should be taken to the EXCO or Parliament for approval.”

“I was the Governor for eight years and I say it everyday, if you know any contractor whose certificate was not paid or any supplier who was not paid, show the person to me. I did not borrow any kobo and did not request anybody to raise bonds for us and yet I left money for the State. I have said it repeatedly that I left 56 million dollars and 12 billion Naira in Fidelity Bank. I left 50 million Dollars and 10 billion Naira in Access bank. I left 50 million Dollars and over 10 billion Naira in Diamond  bank.”“Why should states own Lodges in Abuja? Do Governors live there? I shut down our own and allowed UNDP people to use it, thus attracting all their programmes to the State.”” – Peter Obi, Mr.