Latest Jobs Register on NDE’s job portal to increase your chances of employment

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Successful application on the NDE job portal doesn’t guaranty employment, it only increases your chances of employment. AS such, application is absolutely free and you’re STRONLY advised NOT to bribe anyone!

With the aim of creating meeting point platform for both employers and employees, the Federal Government of Nigeria through its National Directorate of Employment, NDE, early this month launched a job portal:

The job portal was predominantly created for the unemployed to register in order to increase their chances of employment.

This is how to register on the FG-backed job portal of National Directorate of Employment, NDE,

1) Enter the job’s portal URL:
2) Click on REGISTER button, better still enter
3) The one page registration is divided into four sections, fill them
4) Click on SUBMIT
That’s all.
But wait, before you head to the cafe, or before setting out to register on the portal, here are Registration Requirements, or important information needed to fill the form.

As said earlier, it’s divided into four sections
1) Personal details : These include your surname, Other names, state of origin, Local government, Geo political zones (there are six, select the one your state belongs to), address, Age, Gender, GSM number, Recent passport, Means of Identification, scanned copy of any of your valid ID card, National Identity Number (NIN, a must), marital status

2) Account information : E-mail address ,create password for it. If you’re yet to have functional e-mail address register an account here.

3) Education background : Minimum qualifications. Note that registration on this portal is free and open to everyone :educated, uneducated, artisans etc.
Type of qualification, discipline, year of graduation, upload CV.
NOTE: Only PDF format can be uploaded for the CV

4) Employment : Here, NDE wants to collect your unemployment status. This include period of unemployment, reasons of unemployment, required skills.

When you fill all these, click on SUBMIT to have your data in archive

Note: Successful application on the doesn’t guaranty employment, it only increases your chances of employment.

AS such, application is absolutely free. Don’t bribe anyone!
Do you have any question? Check the photo below to contact NDE office for assistance