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From passion to fashion: How Jenny-Coco Clothing evolve

Looking good is good business as we all know and been fashionable has become part of our every day life. The creative prowess of fashion designers within and outside the country is invaluable.

Indeed, Nigeria is not left out in this global trend as our designers have become national and local brands, making the nation proud.

Infobase caught up with a designer who is breaking new grounds and not resting on her oars to give her clients the best in all spheres. She is the brain behind Jenny-Coco Clothing.

Give an introduction of yourself, name, and academic qualifications?
My name is Jennifer Ibhade Larayetan, a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Benin….it started when I had to style my younger ones and choose styles for myself for occasions and I would have to sketch it out for my tailor to depict the exact design.

And then two years ago after child birth I decided to branch out to do what I loved and that is what has given birth to the brand Jenny -coco clothing today….

When and how did the concept of your clothing line begin?
Well, garment construction is an art for us, and we place emphasis on fittings and alterations. We are different because we are creative and love to make statement pieces that are affordable and not over the top .We can dress you into a celebrity that works with your budget.

Who are your clientele? 

Our clientele are male and female from various works of life,young and old who have one thing in common which is appreciating good clothing from the fabrics to the finished garment

How do you intend to handle orders nationwide, even outside the country, if the need arises?

Like mclohan said the world is turning into a global village,well it’s already a global village, the first clients we made outfits for were from the United kingdom. Using the Internet and phone calls have been helpful

Do you make the clothes or you have people who work for you?
We are a team,we haven’t opened store yet that is on the pipeline but in taking orders and making deliveries we are on point.

What are your plans to publicize your business?
It’s a gradual process we are starting with the various platforms on the Internet for now before delving into other platforms of consistent publicity.

What were the challenges faced when you initially wanted to start?
The economic constraints, power supply, getting man power and every day realities faced in the country.

How affordable are your outfits?
Our services are affordable depending on what you are going for and your budget. We love to work with a client’s budget, discuss about it and arrive at a conclusion.

How do you intend to cope with family and the business?
It’s all about creating a balance and utilising my time well. To balance family and work

What are the realities and challenges faced in the industry?
Challenges are people pricing tailor made clothes below what’s expected

Who are your role models in the fashion world?
I really admire Joao Rolo from Portugal.

Contact Jenny-Coco Clothing 
So you can contact us on Facebook-jenny-coco clothing
On whatsapp: 09052508890
Call us on 07031194883.

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