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N-power Device reselection: HP no longer available

Of all the nine devices available for selection, Npower HP tablet is unarguably the best in terms of RAM. It has internal 4GB with an expendable card slot up to 256 GB.

Unfortunately, HP is unavailable again due to reasons related to production and ongoing support for the device.

In view of this npower team has sent messages to volunteers who initially chose HP to login back to their NPVN portal to reselect another device. This information only affects those who made HP their preferred choice.

The message further States that the affected volunteers have two options: Samsung and AfriOne 2-in-1.

This is how to reselect your device

1) Login via npvn.npower.gov.ng

2) Scroll down to click on Change Device Selection to view other available options

3) The only two available devices will be displayed for you

4) Scroll Down to click on select device

5) Are you sure you want this device? Click on PROCEED to get to the next page.

6) Pick the one you want, confirm, and agree by the terms.
That’s all.

This selection is for those that will be among first set of volunteers that will get their tablets soon.

Reselection message from Npower

“Dear Volunteer,

“Thanks for being a part of the N-Power program.

“You are receiving this email because you selected HP during the device selection process and unfortunately we have now just learnt from HP that they won’t be able to deliver the device for reasons related to production and ongoing support for the device.

“To ensure you can pick an alternative and receive your device at the shortest time possible we have narrowed down to 2 specific devices.

“Please logon to the Portal and click the Select device option to select either of the 2 devices before 11:59pm on Monday April 10th, 2017 to ensure you can be part of this device delivery batch.

“Any selection done after this time would only fall into the next batch.

“We look forward to your cooperation.”

Npower device selection closes on Monday April 10, 2017

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