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Facebook now allows you to raise funds for your project

Facebook isn’t only stopping at making its platform a social stop over as it plans to incorpate fund-raising option into Business Pages.

This move has been described as war on other notable fund-raising platforms GoFundMe, kickstarter, gogetfunding and other crowdfunding websites across the world.

The feature is expected to kick start in the United States for all verified Business Pages.

Accordig to The Verge, “live broadcast viewers will be able to donate right as they’re watching videos or afterwards, once those broadcasts are saved to the Page.”

It’s learnt that facebook is not going to keep any part of the funds raised, yet “that doesn’t mean a fundraiser’s creator gets to keep all of the money raised.”

Facebook Fundraising feature will only allow users who have reached 18 years and above to get financial support from friends, acquitances, family and those who believed in thier projects in six categories.
The areas are:



Pet medical,

Crisis relief,

Personal emergencies (such as theft or an accident),F

Funeral and loss.

Before to your project goes live, there will be a 24-hour review process.
Official release also disclosed that the possibility of adding more categories are bright and omitting the review process later down the road.

In 2017, it’s discovered that the overwhelming popularity of Facebook Ads affected Google’s Ads revenue.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once said, that “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.” And he puts his own company, Facebook, on the forefront of such movement.

As the world awawaits Facebook fundraising feature, will other platforms majorly created for fundraising be intimidated by the web power of Facebook?
We’d definitely get answer to that when it finally launched soonest.