What would you have done better if you’re President Buhari?

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The victory of Mr. Muhamadu Buhari in the presidential election and his assumption of office in 2015 raised alot of hope.

Apart from the manifesto of All Progressive Party (APC) that raised their hope, some Nigerian masses were fed up of the PDP-led government of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

They hoped that their near pathetic lives would turn around overnight. Up till now hopes are still high and hanging.

While Buhari saw governance from afar, though he was once a military head, the state of the nation has changed from good to worst more than three decades ago he left power.

Two years gone in the mandate given to him by the hopeful, yet helpless masses, his administration is still battling with the most dreaded Nigerian problem: CORRUPTION!

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Fighting corruption is easy said than done in a Democratic atmosphere in a country like Nigeria.

While it’s been easy to hunt down former political office holders, doing so with sitting political office holders is a fight to finish between the executive and the legislature.

Nigerian Federal lawmakers have been the major enemies of the administration of President Buhari in the area of corruption.

With his determination to fight corruption, yet OFFICIAL CORRUPTION still pervades.

It has become impossible for him to present before the National Assembly any anti-corruption policy.

The reason is obvious to everyone :most of their acts could be described as being allergic to good governance

He(Buhari) has given 200,000 Nigerian youths temporary jobs, while another 350,000 more will be published soon, yet millions of jobless Nigerian youths roam the streets everyday.

President Buhari is tackling the issue of Boko Haram and terrorism in the North, yet unreported and under reported cases of kidnap, killings still pervade in the North East.

But to be fair, he has tried in some areas,yet alot still need his attention for the helpless masses to positively feel divident of democracy.

So, if you’re in Buhari’s shoe what would you have done better?

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