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How to upload your photo and valid ID card in your NPVN Portal for you to collect your Npower tablet

It’s good news for Npower Volunteers just as plans are underway to start dispatching devices to all who made the 200,000 first batch

Part of the plan to make sure that device get to the rightful applicants is for successful appliants to upload their photos,  and a recognisable valid Identity Card.

HP device is no longer available for selection,  check how to make another selection 

Selecting your preferred devitce is not a guaranty that you’ll get your N-Power tablet if you failed to upload your photo,  and a valid ID .

N-Power device collection: Guide on how to upload your photo and valid ID card in your NPVN Portal

1) Login via npvn official portal: www.npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

2) On your homepage,  locate My Profile and click on it

3) You’ll see where to upload your photo,  click on it and select a scanned photo of you.

4) Scroll down to locate where you’re expected to upload any of the following IDs:

National ID

BVN card

International Passport

Voters Card

Driver’s License

5) Click to upload your ID

6) Click on update profile.

That’s all,  you are now identifiable by Npower and further communications will get to you as regards when and where to collect your device.

I don’t have any of the above IDs, what can I do? 

N-Power’s instruction is clear enough,  but in a situation whereby you have none of the above, we’d advise you to use any of the underlisted IDs temporarily instead of leaving that space blank:

NIMC slip: it’s a temporary National ID card

Temporary voter’s card if you’re yet to get the original one.

And in a situation whereby none is available it’s better to approach your bank to get your bvn card,  or a print out of your BVN slip that contains your name and number.

Why must I scan my photo and ID card? 

N-power is clear on that,  “Do not take image or ID card with phone.  Image not scaned will be deleted. ”

The essence of scanning these two means of identity is to ensure there is clearer face of you,  and to make sure that your ID is readable.

It’s possible to have a blunt photo is it’s taken with device with poor resolution and low picture quality.

To scan these two,  head straight to cafe nearby to get it done.

What of it I used scanning application?

Good! Technology has made the world such a simplest planet. There are lots of scanning applications you could download from Google Play store. One of them is CamScanner.  It’s such a great scanning app that appropriately execute what cafe scanner can do.

However, make sure that you have a means of reducing the size of your photo and ID. Below 150kb is advisable!

All the best.

Are you having problem uploading your ID on your NPVN portal? Drop your questions.

I can’t upload my photo and ID in my NPVN Portal

Click on this link to upload your photo and ID:  http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/profile/profile-image

Please use this link on a pad,  laptop or desktop to upload your document.

Good luck.

Note: Npower is free, steer clear of 419 !


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