N-Power Programme

Who pays for Npower Device: Applicants or Government?

Is Npower Volunteers’ Device FREE?

The question of who bears the cost of NPVN devices otherwise known as Npower tablets has been lingering since device selection started appearing on successful applicants’ portal.

Who pays for Npower devices?


There are nine (9) device options available from which you are expected to choose ONE.

Though there is a Tool Grant provided by the Federal Government to cover your device as it is a compulsory tool for learning and work in the N-Power Volunteer Scheme.

We must let you know that in a situation whereby the cost of some devices are above the amount the Tool Grant covers, the applicants bears the rest of the cost.

In that case a certain amount is deducted from the Npower Volunteer’s monthly stipend, which is stretched for a period of 20 months to cover the amount.

If your preferred device is above the amount covered by the grant, the additional cost will be deducted from your monthly stipend over the period of the programme, not exceeding twenty (20) months.

So, make sure you check the details page of the available devices to find information on the cost details and deductions from your monthly stipend, if any.

Please chat with the online representative if you have further questions on this information.

Kindly note that after selecting your device, you would be contacted in due course with the time and Location to pick up your Npower Device.

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