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Npower Devices in Photos

Photo News: Npower Volunteers (NPVN) Devices

Here are the photos of all the nine devices the government is making available for Npower successful applicants.

Out of the nine devices Npower Volunteers are required to make just ONE selection, which can’t be changed after selection is made and confirmed.

Check out the photos and head straight to the NPVN devices’ specifications and prices of whatever device you might want to go with finally.

  1. Afrione 2in1
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  2. Speedstar windows tablet
  3. HP
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  4. Zinox Zpad tablet
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  5. Techno pad
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  6. Samsung Tab E
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  7. Brian N-power iPad 1
    Phtot credit: npvn portal

  8. RLG Tablet
    Photo credit: npvn portal

  9. Floss Signatures tablets

NOTE: Photos are physical appearance of something, we strongly advise you go through the specifications of the devices before making your final selection.

Specifications, specs for short, are VERY important before making your final selection.

Specs include the CPU, Screen resolution, Camera, memory: ROM, RAM etc.

According to Dan Foster, a mobile phone review expert, putting phone specs into consideration is very important.

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