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Npower Devices are not on my NPVN portal, WHY?

Why Npower device is yet to appear in your NPVN Portal?

Npower devices, according to the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programme (SIP), is a must for all Npower Volunteers to assist them in the discharge of the duties.

In a situation whereby the N-Power tablets are yet to come up in your portal for you to make selection, it means you’re yet to have Npower Verified logo in your NPVN portal.

In that case, you’ll have to be patient till the verification you did at the state level is confirmed at the Npower Office in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

The process of Npower device is one step at a time: the logo appears first, it’s then followed by the option to select your preferred Npower tablet.

This simply means that without Npower logo, you won’t be able to select your device.

In a rare situation whereby you got an email that you’ve selected a device, be patient till the logo appears in your portal. Option to make your own selection may appear.

Your own selection is FINAL!

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  • Hello Sir , I am writing from bayelsa State, most of the beneficiaries of the social investment programme Npower are yet to be paid, we have been duly verified in the universal basic education board in Okolobiri, we have made correction of account names/ BVN, still we are unduly denied payment of our monthly stipends of December,january and February respectively. Sir.

  • Dear sir, I am Ebitimi Augustine Dickson, a beneficiary of social investment programme Npower by Mr President, I have been verified by bayelsa State Universal basic education board at Okolobiri, on the 15th January, 2017,L.G.A,Brass,State: Bayelsa,Programme: community education,Non payment of Stipend,most of us in bayelsa have not been paid, after all verification and Bank name correction from Npower account and the local focal point in bayelsa State. Please we need urgent attention from Npower. Thank you