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Npower Device Selection Guide base on popularity

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Npower Device Selection Guide base on popularity

Disclaimer: This article isn’t meant to influence your device decision, but to serve as Npower Device Selection Guide. Whatever selection you made, it’s absolutely yours.

By popularity we mean the number of people using the device outside Npower circle.

In this case, the more popular the device, the more maintenance providers in the market in case the device develops fault.

For instance, there used to be a time when Sagem and Nokia phones were the most popular in the market, then phone service engineers who specialized in Sagem and Nokia could easily be found in the market.

Practice, they say, makes perfection. Then, it’s easy to get your nokia or sagem phones fixed; the accessories were also readily available in the markets.

Though the device pick up centres might also serve as maintenance points, but no communication has been issued as regards this by the Federal Government.

If you do quick run down of the devices, you already know which ones are popular in the markets, which isn’t?

One of the available N-Power devices you might want to select base on popularity in the market are:

  1. Afrione 2in1
  2. Speedstar windows tablet
  3. HP
  4. Zinox Zpad tablet
  5. Techno pad
  6. Samsung Tab E
  7. Brian N-power iPad 1
  8. RLG Tablet
  9. Floss Signatures tablets

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