Helping Hands International (H2i)

How to become H2i partner and get compensation and bonuses

One of H2i bonuses

How to become H2i partner and get compensation and bonuses

To become an associate member of Helping Hands International popularly called H2i, you need one-time membership fee of N6, 600 40 ($40: a dollar is #165 in H2i whether dollar increase or decreases, it’s static for now).

After registration, get only TWO people under you and teach them how to get two people each; it goes on like that.

I need the best strategy that will help me get two people (referrals)?

If you join my team, I already have two methods that will help you get the two people:

  • Design a free blog for and teach you how to publish marketing H2i articles on it so that people will begin joining through your referral link.
  • You can be placed under my last referral. In this case, new prospective member will also come under you. That way, we all grow together.

So if you are afraid of getting two people, we have mapped out a great plan for all our new members.

The two major things you need are: N6, 600 and commitment.

If you join today these are the rewards otherwise called H2i compensation plan.

H2i has 5 stages:

Stage 1 (Associate Member)

After you’re registered successfully you become an Associate Member which is Stage 1.

That’s when need to invite ONLY TWO people to join you as Help Partners.

What’s my reward for inviting the two people?

Each of the referral will fetch you $8 each, making $16 all together. It’s called H2i Referral Bonus.

Each of your two people above are also expected to invited ONLY TWO people each, when this is implemented, $10 will automatically be added to your H2i E-wallet account. It’s called Matrix bonus.

Then you are automatically upgraded to Stage 2 known as Master.

Stage 2: Master


Note: you can still invite more people, each of which will earn you $8. And don’t forget that you don’t need to pay for your upgrade, as you complete each stage; you are automatically upgraded to the next stage.

Is that simple?


Now as Master Member (stage two), you are not necessarily expected to invite anybody again , but it’ll be added advantage for you if you do.

So as each of your downlines (the two people you invited and the people they invited) complete their stage 1 they will join you in stage 2 and you will get what is called Matching bonus ranging from $100 – $1,000 (level 1-5).

As you complete stage two, you will be rewarded with A Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop as an Additional Benefit.

Then you will be moved to Stage 3 called Super Master.

Stage 3 (Super Master)

At Super Master stage, as your stage 2 members are joining you, you will be getting Level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $200 – $3,000. And when that is completed, you will also get the following additional benefits:

  • A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000.
  • Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i
  • Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each). Then you will move to stage 4 called Minister.

Stage 4 (Minister)

As a H2i Minister, which is Stage 4, as your stage 3 members join you, you get level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $300-$6,000.

When they are completed, you will get the following Additional Incentives:

  • Another Brand New Hyundai ix35 Executive Jeep that worth over $30,000.
  • Interest Free Loan (on request)- up to $12,000
  • Property & Asset Funding (70% support of up to $12,000)
  • Humanitarian Aids to 1 orphanage home in your neighborhood on your recommendation.

Then you move to stage 5 called Prime Minister.

Stage 5 (Prime Minister)

As Prime Minister, which is Stage 5, you only need 6 of your members from stage 4 to join you, as soon as this is done, $12,000 is created to your account instantly. And in addition, you get the following incentives:

  • Housing Fund up to $40,000
  • All Expensive paid International Trip
  • Education Fund (2 kids) $2,000
  • Yearly Infinity Bonus of $5,000
  •  Elite Club Membership Loan up to $44,000
  • And other incentives.

What you need to do to have access to all these H2i benefits

Join our H2i Team today. H2i is built on the strategy of team work, so our success depends on yours: you win, I win.

Benefits of joining our team

You’ll be getting our full support on how to get the TWO people you need to succeed in H2i.

You begin to benefit through spill- over from us.

How to Complete Your Registration

In H2i, new all new registrations are done by an already existing member. He will be the one to set up your account, which can be done less than 1hours, if there are no power failure.

To become a member, you only need to take TWO ACTIONS:

Get your N6, 600 ready.

Fill H2i registration form and send to this number 08065277758 on WhatsApp or Telegram

H2i Registration Form to setup your account:

First name:

Last Name:


Mobile number:

Date of birth:




Postal code:


Password(you can change it after account setup):

Email address:

Bank account number:

Holder’s name:

Next of kin:

Relationship with next of kin:

Send it to me on whatsapp: 08065277758

P.S: Make sure you are ready with your N6, 600 before sending me those details.

To Join My Helping Hands International H2i Team contact me now:

Phone & WhatsApp: 08065277758