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Open Letter to the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Over Poor Handling of N-Power Programme

Open Letter to the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN on N-Power Programme


I wish to use this medium to commend you and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for your timely initiation of this laudable and commendable scheme christened N-Power.

For me, there couldn’t have been any better time than now for this program aimed at ameliorating the deplorable condition of the downtrodden graduates in which category I fall into.

In the same vein the transparency in the selection of the applicants is what I will not fail to say kudos. It was not based on who influential you are in government which has been the trend in Nigerian employments.

I salute the resolve by you and your principal, President Muhammad Buhari to stamp out corruption in our dear Country, despite the fact that corruption has taken a place of honor in our individual and collective lives. I say may God strengthen you.

Your Excellency, I wish to bring to your notice the poor handling of your noble scheme.


There is a great lacuna in the communication between the N-Power beneficiaries and the N-Power officials in the local government areas and states alike.

There are no viable means of sending FEEDBACK between the beneficiaries and the coordinators. In a situation where complaint is sent, the sender would never get feedback, even acknowledgment of such complaint.

The effect of this communication gap is reliance on speculations by beneficiaries. Mischief makers and the enemies of this present administration use it to also spread false rumors about the program.

We have FOCAL person in the states but they alienated themselves from their subordinates.


Effective communication channel should be in place for N-Power successful participants to be in touch with N-Power staff in Abuja, and at state and local government levels across the 36 states of Nigeria.


The idea of some Local Governments posting the beneficiaries where they spend outrageous and a stupendous sum nullifies the noble objective of the scheme.

Worthy of note is posting N-Agro beneficiaries to teach instead of providing them the necessary infrastructure to become self sustainable in Agriculture after the two years program. The intent of N-Agro should be towards food security.


N-Agro should be posted to agric-allied establishments since the aim of N-Agro is to develop independent agric graduates who will sustain the economy through their contribution at the end of this programme.


The modus operandi of paying the beneficiaries is yet to be understood by the majority of us.

It is baffling, disheartening, and worrisome that the same sets of beneficiaries selected and verified uniformly are being paid haphazardly. The most unfortunate part being that no explanations were given.


Sir, I suggest that the Federal government takes advantage of the vast electronic and online payment system to ensure uniformity in the pay mode.


The beneficiaries of this noble scheme were assured of electronic device, but from my observations it seems that has been swept under the carpet.

We are all at the moment engrossed in the issue of non receipt of our December stipend to remember the promise.

Worthy of mention is that majority of the N-Power beneficiaries have started their primary assignment without being equipped with the device.

Your Excellency, I implore you to use your good office to address these irregularities, so as not to drag this noble “brainchild” of your administration to ridicule.

Thank you for your anticipated speedy intervention.

I wish your administration a resounding Success

Long live N-Power!

Long live your administration!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!




The sender writes from Kwara State, Nigeria.

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  • The poster failed to give credit to the original writer of this post.
    The writer of this piece is OBI CHINEDU TOCHUKWU.

    • Hello Chinedu, thanks for your observation. We couldn’t authoritatively confirm the original owner of this content. We received it and published it because it’s a voice to the voiceless Npower applicants.

      You can send your complaints, or petition to infobase anytime, we’d publish it if it;s genuine.

  • I want to knw if dis will affect my Dec. payment my name is Osaku Nkeiruka Mosesdat is d name i use to register for Npower, my account name bears Chima Nkeiruka reason bcos i did change of name bcos of marriage n i hv my evidance of proof