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12 reasons for unpaid Npower December salary


Last update: April 4, 2017 (08:38

Disclaimer: Please infobase isn’t an employee of Npower, and we’ll NEVER ask for your personal details, or request for money before we provide solution to some of npower issues that are not technical.

I have not been paid December salary, WHY?

Some Npower successful applicants had received their December stipend since December 30, 2016, while some other applicants were paid early this year.

Yet some applicants from two or three states are yet to be paid.

In some states where applicants have been paid, some are yet to be paid due to some factors.

Here are the 12 Factors that are responsible for delay in Npower December Salary

(1) Late update of applicants’ profile

Last year after Npower created a platform exclusively for those that made the first batch list of 200,000 successful applicants.

The platform was dubbed Npower Volunteers Network, NPVN.update-npowerng-bank-account-details

Subsequently, applicants were directed to update their profile, including their account details.

While some successful applicants got the information on time, some others got it late.

If you are among those who updated your bank account details late December, or after Npower Team has collated bank account details of applicants, then you might experience late in payment or your December salary might be delayed.

(2) Conflict in applicant’s BVN and his account name

In a situation whereby you use your personal name, then use your husband’s account number and his BVN you will definitely experience delay. And if you didn’t make move to rectify the problem, you might not be paid.

The essence of BVN is to discover disparity in account number or similarities in fingerprint in cases of multiple accounts.

In a situation whereby you use Adek Musi during Npower application process, then you have Ghus Agbe as bank account details in your NPVN bank account details, then your payment will be withheld.

(3) Civil servant who applied for Npower

Reliable information at our disposal says some local government officials applied for npower and they made the first batch list.

These people already have BVN in place forgetting that Npower has been designed in alliance with BVN in such a way to detect those who are already in Federal, State, or Local Government payroll.

So if you fall under this category, you may have to forget your payment, unless you have other “dubious” means of manipulating the system.

(4) Failure to verify

Updating of your NPVN portal isn’t just the parameter for payment. You must also have been verified. If you didn’t participate in the verification exercise, but updated your bank account details on NPVN portal, you might not be paid.

The essence of the Npower verification was to cut, or reduce ghost-workers, which is one of the problems of government’s jobs.

State focal officer are in charge of collating names of verified applicants and forwarding such to Abuja for onward payment.

In a situation whereby you’re not verified, and your account is updated, you will not be paid.

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(5) Did verification, but failed to update NPVN portal

Another obvious reason why you’re still not paid is your failure, after verification, to update your NPVN account details.

NPower team can’t pay into non-existing account. Verification isn’t enough for you to be paid, your account must have been correctly updated.


(6) Wrong BVN

If your BVN is not correct, you won’t be paid, or your payment might be delayed unless it’s corrected.

For now, you can’t edit your profile because the edit button has been removed temporarily for security reasons.

(7) Wrong account number

Even if your BVN does exist, but your account number isn’t correct you might experience delay in Npower payment until that discrepancy is resolved.

(8) Delay from your banks

A research carried out by our team shows that some banks are still withholding Npower payment.

Some of these banks include, but not limited to, First Bank, EcoBank, UBA, and Unity Bank.

We can’t reliably say what is holding the concerned banks from disbursing the money to those it’s meant.

For instance, none of the Npower applicants in Ipetu-Ijesa, Oriade LGA, have been paid at the time of putting this research work together.

Most of the affected applicants use First Bank because it’s the only bank in that town.

(9) Failure to follow npower instructions

Details involved in updating NPVN profile contain sensitive information. It’s advisable for successful applicants to personally update their NPVN portal, but some disobeyed the instruction.

They gave their details out to cyber café attendants to do it on their behalf. In the process, when mistakes were not made in BVN, they were made in account number.

At the end they complain they are not paid. But some of them later confessed that someone else handled the entire process on their behalf.npower-homepage

It was December salary, which was never expected by more than 50% of applicants, which made applicants to take the programme seriously.

(10) Late verification and deployment

Media aid to the acting president, Mr. Laolu Akande, emphatically says those who were verified and deployed by December would receive December salary.

State like Lagos had delay in verification. While some states had completed verification, deployment, and got their December stipend, applicants from Lagos state knew nothing about when and where the verification would hold.

Verification was carried out in Lagos State towards the end of January, 2017.

If the clarification made by Laolu Akande is implemented, Lagos Npower applicants might not be paid for December salary unless there is high power delegation from Lagos State Government to plead on behalf of the applicants since it wasn’t the applicants fault.

(11) Multiple NPVN accounts

Don’t be surprised. Some had their names shortlisted twice, but were detected during payment. Similarity in BVN, or conflict in accounts number/BVN is also one of the reasons why you’re yet to be paid.npvn-npower-legitimate-sites

(12) Late submission of verified list by Focal Officer in your state

Another likely reason why your npower salary could be pending is the failure of your state focal officer to forward the verified list to Abuja for onward processing of your stipend by the Finance Unit of the programme.

Whatever the reasons are, there will always be solution to any issue. For now, the applicant support number of npower is ineffective, no one can specifically explain why such a huge project like Npower cannot have phone numbers in place for applicants to verbally express their concerns.

However, you can still submit your complaints via the facebook page of npower.



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Solution to late Npower December Salary

If any of the reasons explained above applies to you (apart from civil servants), a platform has been created on Npower Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/npowerng for your payment to be effected.

State you problem in the following order:

Not paid:

Date of verification:

Programme you applied for:

Your State:

Local Government:


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  • my name is fakunle mutiu adewale, is one of npower applicant agro am not been received my stipend since december 2016 why other were collecting their own please help me out .from osun state my local government is osogbo ,my bank is first city monument bank/ fcmb/acount name fakunle mutiu adewale,

  • Please I haved observed that I omitted one digit number with by BVN Number, and I wanted to edit my profile inorder fix it back but they profile was locked. please how can I do that because I know that it may be the reason why I have not received my December stipend.

    • Please, contact NPVN. You can chat with any of their officials online at NPVN portal. They are the only one that could effect correction on your profile at the moment


    Dear Ma/ Sir,

    I am Samuel Ayeni by name, Am native of Okeagbe Akoko Ondo State, am using this enclose resume as my complain on not receiving Alert on monthly stipend of which some order people has been paid December stipend since two weeks ago in Ondo State.
    And have done all the necessary verification’s.I update my Account information’s on my profile i also provide my BVN numbers on my profile as well.

    I did my Physical Verification on 11- 01 -2017 in TESCO office in Akure.
    I apply for N-AGRO Programme.
    I apply under Akoko North West Local Government Ondo State.
    I provide Wema Bank Account Number
    In closing I would like to say I would very happy in you can help me look into this issue and do my own Monthly stipend.
    I would appreciate if you can help me look into this so i can also get my Monthly stipend and the employment opportunities.I can be contact at “07035704070” looking forward from your hearing.

  • Hello sir. My name is Okwuokei Annebelle Ifeoma am among the selected candidate for the npower employment and all my bank details are correct and I did my verification on 22nd December and am yet to receive my December stipends. Please kindly assist. Thanks

  • Good day, I am Olayemi Tolulope one of the shortlisted candidate for Npvn I already verify my profile at my Local Government but I have been unable to update my bank details since then. I have been to the National Orientation program office in my LG to lodge complaints but they said they can’t do anything about it, ever since I kept trying to do d update but to know avail. It keep saying error in username or password of which I have try to change d password still no result. Plz help me out.

    • Hello Bisola, the edit button has been removed. It means you won’t be able to update your portal now. Please chat with Npower on the portal.

  • I A M same person that complained about using maiden name to apply why my bank acct name is ijezie frances chinwendu…i applied for n.teach…..its was not stated in my complaint above……thsnk u

  • Greetings, I’m not yet paid,there is a problem of omition of letter S on my name, my name is Priscilla Nguamo Anom, bearing series number 4588.from vandekya local government area of Benue state. They are two typography error on my name, the omitiom of letter S and change in my month of birth, my name is Priscilla Nguamo Anom and my month of birth is 22/12/1984.which are wrongly written as Pricilla and October instead of December, please assist me. I’m not yet paid, those are my problems. Thanks.

    • Please contact npower on the NPVN portal right away. But that shouldn’t be a hindrance to payment, if there is no conflict in your bank account name and your BVN.

  • good evening sir, my name is awolola olubunmi. l am one of the volunteers for npower health. immediately after my verification from my local government in ibadan oluyole, I tried all my possible best to update my account, the page received to come. But later I succeeded in updating my profile. but later the page ommited my bank name. wish I did later. But after d payments

  • Iam isah baba abdullahi bauchi state, dambam lga, iam the one successful candidate for the npower program I didn’t get may December alert but I have already update may profile seen please pay us

  • I am an N-power Volunteer from Nasarawa State (Karu LGA). I am writing on behalf of the entire Nasarawa State N-power volunteers that, none of the volunteers has been paid of their monthly stipends since the inception of the programme. My screening was conducted on the 10th December, 2016 successfully along side with my other colleagues. Up till now nobody has been paid. Pls, what could be the reason for this treatment? Thanks.



  • My name is Mawa Alhassan from Taraba State n teach group I have not been paid December salary while others have received theirs please what is the problem?

  • December stipend hasn’t been paid despite that all the necessary verification has been done Rabiu Olaniyi from Oyo state,what should I do to resolves this

  • Please i added my LGA of residents and state of residents but did not add LGA of origin and state of origin but is still the same LGA and state. Pls i hope it won’t affect my payment.

  • pls my name Onyinyechi from Lagos, i have done my verification and updated my NPVN info correctly, but after like some weeks i login and i discovered that my account Name is no more there, but my account number, bvn and other info were still intact, pls would that have effect.Besides Npower made a mistake in my birth month instead of November they put September during that period of information update i tried to correct it but there was no edit button on that

  • Dear Sir/Ma
    My name is QUADRI OMOTOLANI OLAJUMOKE am having this issue with my account nd d most challenged of it is that am trying to login but its nt opening have try all my password nd my username but still d same. And have nt got d December salary these re issues am facing right now

  • I have not receive my december nor january salary. i just find out that my profile name and account name differs. in my profile name i have EKWEMEZE O.EKWEMEZE while my account name have EKWEMEZE OGOCHUKWU. I tried to correct the mistake but my account is locked, please help me i was verified on dec. 13th 2016 from Anambra State

  • Nobody Has bn paid in my state yet I still have this feelings some issues in the above article are peculiar to me.
    Nasarawa State, Karu LG.
    I got verified second week of December 2016. Just this week I learnt from ppl that there was info that redirected all d candidates to re-uldate their details such as State ,LG of residence, and Account name.
    I checked, my BVN n Acc Number were intact but I could not effect any change as instructed Cuz, the “save data” menu is inactive till date.
    What should I do??

  • I have not collect my 2 months salary and I don’t the problem then I updated my npvn still when I back to my bank I saw platform so in advance what are we going to do

  • My name is Evelyn omuabor one of npower applicant nteach, I have been shortlisted among the twohundren thousand npower program. I’m from udu local govt area delta state, I have not been posted and pay any stipend since December 2016 and I have not also be verify but I have under go all necessary requirements. My account name is Evelyn. Pls I need help.

    • Hello Evelyn, if your details are correct, and you’re truly verified, you’ll be paid. While you wait, you could login to your NPVN portal to chat with one of the npower online consultants to find out what the problem is

  • I received a letter concerning December stipend not paid. I got the December but have not received January stipend. I have not also selected a device. My name is okekeozor Blessing Ujunwa. Npower teach from Abia. Please what will I do???

    • The fact that you got December salary means you’re going to get the subsequent ones. Be patient. Npower official say the payment is being handled in batches

  • My name is okoh Mary A. I have not been paid the stipend since December due to mistake they made on my age.my real age is below 30, please help me out cause I have gone to my state( Ogun) to complain and show them my birth certificate. Thanks

  • My salary was not paid since, pls help me out. My name is Agbeni Omolayo hellen and my account details is Apolola Omolayo Hellen, I was married that why my name was changed from Agbeni Omolayo hellen to Apolola Omolayo hellen. And during the verification at state level my wedding certificate and affidavit of change of name was submitted. Pls help me out I never received any stipend allowance.

  • Hello sir,My name is Akinyomi oluwamayokun modupe,one of the Npower applicant nteach from osun state in ila orangun.I av not been receiving my own stipend since december while other av been receiving second one,pls help me out.Account name:Akinyomi oluwamayokun modupe,bvn 22220976613,Account number: 3048943252 first bank

    • I OLAGUNDOYE EVELYN OLASUMBO,hereby wish to notify the Npower Administratior that the name I use to register on Npower is OLAGUNDOYE OLASUMBO,but in my account name and BVN is OLAGUNDOYE EVELYN O,pls Npower should help me rectify it
      Also I have not been verified on my portal which hinder of choose my device .pls kindly verified me before this week run out so as to choose my device,December ,January, March stipend.

      DATE OF VERIFICATION: 19/12/2016

      A/C NO:0158253090

      BVN NO:22308585917
      email :olagundoyeevelyn@yahoo.com
      Phone no:07065532744.


    I was not able to see my alert for the Npower Programme and I updated my Bank Information up to date but the only place am finding it difficult is to update my Account Name and My BVN No: so what can i do to be able to update the Account Name and the BVN No? Sir.

    And also since January till now have not receive any Alert from Npower

    These are my Bank Information

    Bank Name: Diamond Bank

    Account Name: Ahmed Abdullmalik Salihu

    Account Number: 0057083220

    BVN: 22332159713

    SERIAL NO: 2589

    State: Nasarawa State

    Local Govt: Akwanga

    PHONE NO: 07039524753

    Hope to hear from you soon