#OneVoiceNigeria: My take on Tuface’s protest come February 6, 2017




Music legend Innocent Ujah Idibia aka Tuface (2Baba) will be leading a peaceful protest on the 6th of February 2017 in the city of Lagos.

Fondly called 2Baba by his fans, vowed to go ahead with the planned protest, despite the threat by Lagos State Police Command to stop it.

“I will not keep quiet. I’m just a musician with a point of view and the ear of my fans.

“I have dedicated my time and resources to peace building, voter’s education towards peaceful elections and youth engagement in governance in Nigeria.

“This match is about demanding that our leaders connect with all the people of Nigeria,” 2Baba writes on his Facebook page.

This epoch making event is hinged on the fact that the multiple award-winning music artiste is not pleased with the way the government is leading the country at the detriment of the masses.

However, since he made this declaration, there have been contrary opinions about his noble intention.

Some have said he does not have the moral background to stage such a protest and some have said he is been backed up by the opposition party.2baba-2017-protest

On the other hand, some security operatives have come out to say that the protest will be stopped to avoid it been hijacked by hoodlums within the metropolis.

Nevertheless, Tuface has made it clear that it would hold on the said date.

In the industry he has made his mark and remains celebrated within and outside the shores of our country due to his immeasurable impact in the industry.

I am of the opinion that this peaceful protest means no harm and it serves as a wake-up call to the government to make things right before they become worse than they are.

He is not fighting for himself because he has achieved so much; he is fighting for the downtrodden and the unrepresented in the society.

It is said that evil thrives because good men do not say anything and it’s time we spoke as youths who own the present and the future of our nation.

We have had the problem of bad leadership and this has eaten deeply into the fabrics of our society.

If we keep recycling the same set of leaders who do not mean well for our country then we are sitting on a keg of gun powder that will soon explode.

Furthermore, most of the mayhem in our country are been perpetuated by youths who have become tools of destruction in the hands of our leaders who are insensitive to the plight of the citizenry.tuface-feb6-2017-protest

We must collectively determine our future by fusing ideas that will move our nation forward; we must peacefully stand against this government that has refused to take us to the promise land.

The future of our nation lies in the hands of youths and this step taken by our own talented pop star must be given maximum support by all who want this country to take its rightful place as the pride of Africa.

We have been silent for too long and it’s time to brace up and ensure that will salvage this situation before it becomes worse than this and eventually lead to doom.

God bless Nigeria and God bless Tubaba.