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How to disallow NPVN from accessing your Facebook activities

How to revoke npower portal from having access to your social media account

Note: Before you implement this tutorial make sure you’ve updated your banking details and other necessary things on the portal

In the course of updating your details on Npower portal via npvn.npower.gov.ng you’re mandated to link one of your social media account with your npower portal.

Note that npvn.npower.gov.ng is exclusively designed for those who made the list of the successful applicants.

NPVN means Npower Volunteer Network.

So, are you worried that NPVN (a subsidiary of npower) is going to have access to your activities on facebook?

You need not be because we’ve put together this piece on how to disallow Npower (NPVN) from having full access to your facebook activities.

We’re going to use two devices for this: laptop and Facebook Lite on an android

Laptop or desktop: How to disallow NPVN from accessing your facebook activities

Login to your facebook page

On top of the page are: your profile which shows your photo, home, friends request which has human shadow, message box, notifications inform of globe, and privacy shortcuts which has something padlock.

Click on shortcuts

Clicking on shortcuts will show the following options by the left hand side of the page:

  • General settings
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Timeline and Tagging
  • Blocking
  • Language
  • Notifications
  • Mobile
  • Public posts
  • Apps
  • Ads
  • Payment
  • Support inbox

Click on Apps https://web.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications

This section shows Logged in with Facebook that is the number of applications and other websites that have access to your profile.

“On Facebook, your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, networks, username, and user id are always publicly available to both people and apps. Learn why. Apps also have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public.”

While trying to update you npower details via npvn.npower.gov.ng, you’re required to click on either Facebook or Twitter. This means npower volunteer network website has access to your social media account.

This will show you the list applications and other websites that have access to your facebook account.

Click on SHOW ALL to see the full list.

Click on NPVN that is belongs to npower

That shows you what NPVN has access to

On the bottom of that page you see:

App Terms · Remove App · Report App

Click on Remove App to revoke NPVN from having access to your facebook account.

Wait for some minutes for the action to be effected.

That’s all !


Facebook Lite: How to disallow NPVN from accessing your facebook activities

Login to your facebook account on your device through Facebook Lite

On top of the Apps are home, friends request, message box, notifications, search and home

Click on home, this option will show your photo, your pages if you have any, chat, photos, friends, pages, Ads Manager, Groups, On This day, Search, News feed, Messages, Notifications, Events, Most recent, Settings, and language, Data usage, Help, About, Report a problem, and Log Out.

Click on settings

By clicking on Settings, you’ll see the following options: your name along with your photo, account settings, and other options.

Click on Account Settings (it’s below your photo)

Account settings will further show options:

General, Security

Privacy, Timeline and Tagging, Blocking

Notifications, Text Messaging, Public Posts

Apps, Ads, Payments, and Support Inbox

Tap on Apps, this will bring up options (Logged in with Facebook, Platform, Apps others use,)

Click on Logged in with Facebook this will highlight all the apps that have access to your facebook timeline (any apps that has access to your timeline could post on your behalf).

Search for the N-Power or whatever other third party web or Apps you want to disallow from having access to your facebook timeline, click on it, when it opens scroll down and click on remove

That’s all!


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  • I have not been paid December stipend,I try to check my profile to be sure that I have no problem but it was not opening. I’m from Ondo state Ondo west.pls what can I do.my full name is okoh titilayo Sandra which I use for bank verification, when my name was shortlisted it was written okoh Sandra, could this affect my stipend for December.if yes, pls I need help.