Look beyond today in marriage

Photo credit: wikipedia

Michelle met Barak when he was nobody, but today they are the most powerful couple on earth.

She stood by him over 25 years and shaped his life’s dreams and today he celebrates her. Same as Philip May supported Theresa May and Joachim Sauer supported Angela Merkel, today they are very powerful women. None of these partners knew their Husbands or wives would one day be this powerful.

My point: the generation today is so different. Some want partners that are already made. Some want to marry because the guy has houses, cars, millions in account and so all yoou have to do is just take your suitcase and walk in and start life.

Some men want women who have well paid jobs, have their own house, cars and are very independent.

What kind of society are we living in?

Where is hard work?

Where is that sense of helping your partner to achieve their dreams?

You are not called better half for nothing. It means you are there to shape, orient, guide and support your partner.

Let’s all look out for the inner worth of our prospective partners rather than the outer wealth.

Let your partner celebrate you decades after.