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#H2i: How many members would I need directly under me?

Just two. And here are the best strategies in H2i to implement so that the two will make you achieve better results.

What if I register more than two?

Yeah, if you do it will be of great advantage to you in speed and earnings. Your matrix will fill faster with massive spill over and spill under.

While others are earning $5,300 matching bonus for introducing 2, you will be earning $5,300 x number of pair referrals. And extra $8 referral bonus for each person you refer even when you attain stage 4 and above.

You can bring as many as possible. There are benefits for doing this, you get 20% referral benefit and the more people you refer the more 20% you get (20% x 2, 6, or 10 ref.).

That is not only benefit, you also get matching bonus each time your direct referrals completes any stage starting from stage 2, your total matching bonus from stage 2 to stage 5 is $5,300, so if you have 2 referrals who completes the 5 stages you get matching bonus of $5,300; for 6 referrals you will get $5,300 x 6 =$15,900, and for 10 direct referrals you get $26,500.

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So you see, the more people you registered directly under you the more money you make.

So, start referring as many people as you can, but that is not all, because those people directly under you also need two each directly under them in order for your matrix to be fill, we have what is known as: spill-over and spill-under.

What is spill-over in H2i?

Spill-over – in a 2×2 forced matrix, a maximum of two sales is all ‘that is required directly below you, any  subsequent sales made by you or those above you are forced down to your second level and beyond, causing a spill over.

What is spill-under?

When people directly under you also do sales, they help you to fill your 2×2 matrix, the spill-over and spill-under enable you to attain your prime minister’s stage very fast.

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