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#H2i: How do I register for Helping Hands International myself?

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Why do I have to pay $40 into my upline account before I could be registered, is it not possible to do the registration by myself?

There are two modes of payment in H2i: e-wallet, and credit/debit card. At the moment, only e-wallet is working perfectly with registration.

Integration of other methods of payment like credit/debit card is still being processed.

For instance…

If Jacob is a prospective H2i member who has made up his mind to be an associate member, what does he do?

Jacobs will have to locate an already registered H2i member and pays the sum of $40 (N6,600: N165/dollar whether it increases or decreases) to the bank account of James (an upline).

Jacobs pays into James account because James already has an e-wallet account from which the sum of registration fee of $40 is deducted.

When James gets that he requires the following information from Jacobs (a potential member) to set up an account:

First name:

Last name:


Date of Birth:




Mobile phone:


Valid e-mail address:

Bank account number: this is not necessary because Jacobs can update his profile when his account is fully set up by James.


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Note: When you’re registered your e-wallet account is automatically set up as well. It’s through the e-wallet account you too can begin to receive funds, sell funds, and register new comers (your prospective downlines).

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