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#H2i: Can I have multiple H2i Accounts?

#H2i: Can I have multiple H2i Accounts?

Certainly yes, you can have 6, 10 or 12 accounts directly to your name, before you do that you must be sure you can refer 2 each under the rest accounts, else you will find it difficult to grow.

But if you know how to manage your accounts to have 2 each, then you will enjoy multiple referral bonuses and matching bonuses, above all it will cause massive spill-over and spill- under in your matrix making it fill faster.

If you really want to explore the investment side of Helping Hands International, H2i, “multiple accounts” is the way to go.

H2i membership fee is $40 (N165/$1 whether dollar increases or decreases) N6, 600.

1 account: N6,600

2 accounts X N6,600=N13,200

3 accounts X N6,600=N19,800

4 accounts X N6,600=N26,400

5 accounts X N6,600=N33,000

6 accounts X N6,600=N39,600

7 accounts X N6,600=N46,200


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