Helping Hands International (H2i)

#H2i: Benefits of Helping Hands International sound too attractive to believe

This sounds too good to be true, do they make gains at all, and if they do where do they get all the monies to use for charities and as bonuses to members?

…sounds too good to be true to someone who has not taken his time to study how H2i works.

Before I delve into how they make real profit, let me tell you that Helping Hands International has big sponsors like Hyundai Motors, GAC motors, HP computers, Apple computers, GLO, Diamond Bank and others.

When you pay $40 as be an associate member, $8 goes to your upline as referral bonus. Where will the rest goes to?

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Let’s do a simple calculation: If 1000 people registered today, it means $40*1000=$40,000.

The sum of $8,000 is set aside as referral bonus. The rest of the money is accumulated to embark on charities and other necessary things that keep the organisation going.

H2i is business, and you really need to explore business aspect of H2i.

That’s why multiple accounts are recommended in order to climb the lather in no time.

We’ll discuss the business aspect of h2i.

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