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I thought H2i was a scam: Inspiring story of H2i Minister Charles Tambou

One of H2i bonuses

“No matter how expensive the vehicle you are using is it won’t take you to your destination if you don’t know where you are going.”

I first ignored Helping Hands International until i took my time to under study how it operates-H2i Minister Charles Tambou

It’s a long motivational read, but it’s worth all your time…Take your time to read please.

I am Charles Tambou popularly known as a Network Marketing Professional (NMPRO) Coach.

I am from Ayakoromo Community, Burutu Local Government, Delta State. I came from a humble background. My dad was a Civil Servant while my mum was managing her meagre business.

The income from the salary and business was never enough for the family’s upkeep.

Life was a bit tough then, at times my mother would sell her personal clothing to take care of us.  Things became worse when I lost my dad in 1999.

I took to the street to sell all kind of things to sustain the family.

One of the H2i seminars
One of the H2i seminars

Through my business post I was invited for a job interview at Delta State Civil Service Commission 2006. One thing I discovered as worked six to six is I never had a sufficient income to take home. I needed to change my source of income and fast.

I am married with three lovely kids. I have an amazing lovely wife, Omo Tams. I needed a system that would give time and money to spend with my family, loved ones and opportunity to help. I needed leverage.

I started the search…

How I joined Network Marketing and Helping Hands International.

On my search to find a system that would give me time, money and opportunity to help others. I was directed to Network Marketing 2004.

As an amateur then I wasn’t doing it right. I struggled from company to company. I learned a lot during this struggling times. I have failed many times and earned along the way.

Network marketing business is special.

It is an anchor, a safe harbor, a family place where people work together in the spirit of cooperation, a place where everyone is loved and respected for the talents and common goals that they share.h2i-laptops-bonuses

How I got fully involved in Helping Hands International

How I came on board Helping Hands International (H2i). I heard about H2i 2014. They were fresh in the country then.

I felt it was a scam and I wasn’t in my deciding moment. Late 2014 I was having some challenges in my previous company.

I wasn’t comfortable with the way things were ran then. So I decided to change company. I was looking for a service base company until my leader in my previous business; Mr. John Mukoro met me in the bank.

He gave me a flier that I should go and take a look at it. That was April, 2015. I told him “I Don see this one before but I go look am”

That night I searched through the website and discovered a goldmine. A place where I will not only earn but I can also impact on people’s lives.

A place you don’t succeed alone. If you must succeed you must be ready to help others to succeed.

You must have your two. I got attracted to the skill acquisition program. Mr. John Mukoro is a strategist. He doesn’t need to talk to you; he shows you the how to.

Immediately I plugged into the business and searched for leaders that I will work together with to build a sustainable business.

Along the way, I found Lucky Najuke aka Majorwilliams. We have worked together in my other company. He is good. A good organizer, and a self starter.


My first team in H2i

Lucky Najuke gave birth to my first team in H2i. The first week we set up a presentation and registered over 80 persons in that seminar. He is my number one.

I called another leader I knew was good…Odiakose Awele aka Success Loves Speed. She is a Network Marketing Professional, a go-getter, and a giver.

She is born ready. She skyrocketed my business by introducing leaders who turned my organization into something else. Her team is the largest in my team. I am grateful to these my two.

Why I joined Helping Hands International

The Ultimate reason that made me come on board H2i was to help lots of H2i members see the potential in this business.

I also needed a platform to do that. So I set a WhatsApp group called H2i Revolution started a weekly training.

Leaders were struggling to join the group because of its benefits. Today revolution group have birthed over 100 groups.

We have raised more leaders in helping hands through these trainings. Thanks to the amazing leaders for their selfless trainings.

Concept of end in mind in H2i

I have always been a Minister the day I said yes to Helping Hands International. I came on board with the end in mind.

I decided the day I joined that I wanted to be a trustee. My mentor… Eric Worre will alway say begin with the end in mind.

No matter how expensive the vehicle you are using is it won’t take you to your destination if you don’t know where you are going.

You need to know what you want. I knew what I wanted and I went for it. I am focus that is my username iamfocush2i-laptops-bonuses

My best network marketing in life

H2i is the best network marketing business I have ever joined. I have learned how to be humble, lead people with understanding and make good friends along the way.

Today I am driving H2i brand new car.

How long will I get that in my business and work? But in less than two years, h2i has made it real.

Advice to H2i new members

If you are new my advice for you is to find a mentor, learn the business and decide that you are going to do it professionally.

Be more focused and reject distractions.

If you are old in H2i don’t give up. Keep your vision in mind. Tell yourself why you got started, Decide to be different. Don’t go after the crowd.

My H2i challenges

I won’t tell you it’s a challenge free journey. I had some moment of disbelief. Some moment I felt I should quit.

Some moment where the money I was earning was not enough to take care of my expenses.  But I kept my dream in mind. I associated with dream builders instead of dream stealers.

The journey is still in process and very rewarding but I have not gotten there yet.


It would be ungrateful of me to end this without appreciating people who have supported and helped me grow in this journey.

The African Rep, Dr. Timothy Odeghe, my brother and the most humble of all leaders I have ever met. Thanks for this vision.

The best part of H2i hasn’t started yet!!!

Now is the best time to keep building your teams.

Team work makes dream work.

Let’s keep building once, building big and building it to last a life time of freedom.

I am grateful.

I am not only a Minister in H2i I have also affected lots of lives. I am super excited.

I have coached, trained and mentored people to success. Today I can go on a vacation with my family and my lovely mum. This business is amazing. I just started. Watch out for 2017. ..

Charles Tambou



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