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Npower Fraud Alert! Stanley Clement is a fake Npower Staff

Watch Out! Npower scammers have begun circulating fraudulent messages

One of Npower applicants in Rivers State called one of our team members about a dubious man who has been parading himself as one of the employees of Npower.

The writer of this article disguise as one of the applicants, called the man to know how he carried out his dubious acts of defrauding npower applicants.

The man in question whose name is STANLEY CLEMENT directed this writer to make the payment of N5,000 to his GT Bank account for him to effect the deployment of the this writer.

Npower Fraud Alert: Npower 419 Audio Clip

Listen to our conversation here:npower-419-audio-clip

Check out the second one:npower-salary-419-audio-clip

Details of Npower 419

Name: Stanley Clement .O.

Account number: 0160555056

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank.

Phone number: +2348169908335

Email: info.npowerng@gmail.com

State: Rivers State


He’s been directing npower applicants to make payment of N5,000 to his GT Bank account, Watch Out!

Nigeria’s 419ners are always looking for loopholes to exploit vulnerable Nigerians. They’re always on the rampage, but always change mode of operation to suit a particular situation.

This afternoon, a woman called from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She called to confirmed from me “if the message I got today is true or not.”

A fraudster actually sent her a text message directing her to make a certain payment to an account.

Here is the message:

“Hi, is me CHARLES WILLIAMS Director with N Power programme in Port Harcourt, ur name is amoung those dat wil be posted to BONNY LGA,if u do not want,Cal me is very urgent 4 details.”

Please note the grammatical errors and the urgency in the message.

Again, she later got an e-mail which contains the account details of person behind the fraudulent message in circulation in Rivers State, which is targeted at exploiting Npower applicants in that state.

Here is the copy of the e-mail:



Dear Miss….(note I intentionally removed her name for security reasons),

N-POWER is pleased to offer you the position as stated in the publication online via:https://portal.npower.gov.ng/apply/selected.php .

We are excited about the potential that you will bring to our organization.As we have seen in your Resume/Online interview Questionnaire, you will be working in our organization.

In accepting our offer of employment, you certify your understanding that you will make an acceptance of employment fee of 5000NGN( Five thousand naira) into the account provided herewith; Mr stanley clement .O.



and send proof of payment (POP) to the admin e-mail address:info.npowerng@gmail.com while the organization will reimburse you the same amount on your assumption of duty in January.(All payments to be made on or before 6th of january 2017).

The organization will also arrange for your accommodation and pay you Three(3) months advance salary on your resumption in january.

Your immediate response will be beneficial to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

For further enquiries,

contact Admin on

info.npowerng@gmail.com OR


Best regards. 

Chief Admin officer.


The acclaimed N-power chief admin officer been directing npower applicants to make payment of N5,000 to his GT Bank account, the general public and Npower applicants should Watch Out!


Please note that Npower has consistently made it clear that no payment is required for you to be employed or deployed.

Any of such request should be reported to the appropriate authority. Note that Npower Team launched Operation Whistle Blower on its facebook page where such cases could be reported. Report any of such.

  • A fraudulent message always has a tone of urgency, don’t rush, take your time to verify from different sources or authorities.
  • Such message will want you to take quick action without thinking twice, please relax, don’t rush.
  • The perpetrator uses info.npowerng@gmail.com as email address. Note that npower doesn’t use a free email service @gmail.com is a free email service.
  • Npower email address is customized, it has the extension of the domain name like info@npowerng.com and not info.npowerng@gmail.com

Please note!

Disregard any of such messages, steer clear of fraud!

From my interaction with the lady, she’s addressed by her real name in the email she got. That shows that someone who knows her closely has taken that advantage to dupe her. Please be careful on who you shared your personal details with.


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