Is a scam itself?

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How reliable is

I first stumbled upon in 2012 when I was searching for profitable online business, and applied to some firms overseas.

Before applying I usually ran a quick check on the reputation of such hiring firms to be sure I’d be dealing with right people.

I relied heavily on the results I got on, a website that dubbed itself a resource centre for rating other domain names.

But I never knew that some of the results on were fake, untrue and filled with misleading information.

How did I know that is a scam?

When I co-launched a website, I headed straight to to know the rating of our domain.

Alas!’s results about this domain name were totally misleading. It says our domain name has been in existence for over 27 years.

Funny enough, the domain was less than a year old as at December 29, 2016. has been debated on major website about veracity of a domain that rates other domain names worldwide.

Sad enough, it doesn’t have the statics to rate other website.

It’s even been alleged that that some bad guys pay the guys behind to help give their fraudulent domain a good reputation so as to get leads.

On quaora, John Barrow asks: Is legit?

What’s the reputation of

Here are the views of some of quora users about

“John is correct. I have had problems with Scam Advisor for quite some time.

When I did a search of my domain, the results are just plain inaccurate. Their stats say things about my website that are just plain false. And these seems to be no way to contact them to get it fixed. It is a startup and I have read stories about people paying for better scores.

At this time anyway, we refuse to pony up to them. It’s a clear scam itself and it’s sad that so many people have believed in it,” Joe Fiduccia

“Clearly a scam if they were truly legit why would they be hiding who they are and why would so many people have made complaints over the years about being extorted for a better review.

No legit business operates in this fashion and any true consumer advocacy group would be more transparent.

Additionally they’re raking in a lot of money of advertising by selling “fear”.  All in all it seems mostly malicious both in intent and implementation,” Brian Baker

“Totally piece of shit scam site, that scammers set up to develop a scam monopoly . It would have been a great success if thy didn’t get greedy and start posting fake reviews almost right after launch,” another quora user says.

“Is a thinly veiled scam itself. It’s one of the best examples of “hide in plain sight”.

The group behind this regularly “exposes” a couple of shady sites (which every 3 year would recognize blindly as such) in order to create a layer of superficial “credibility”.

They then knowingly include 100% legit businesses in their “analysis”, create fear and doubt inducing pages for them and have them appear for relevant search terms in search engine results.

Obviously, this often destroys businesses or kills them when they are still young and don’t have widely recognized brands such as “Apple” or “Coke” yet.

The group behind it hides behind an anonymous hosting and it’s difficult to get and kind of reaction from them, which is why for some people the barrier to pay up to have their damaging pages/links removed has become very low.

There have been reports of people paying up, although, for obvious reasons, nobody likes to talk about it.

It seems strange that the major search engines haven’t taken this site off their search results yet,” John Barrow is hoax! It’ll confuse you more with its awkward results than you are already are.

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