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How to block WhatsApp number from chatting with you

How to bar a number on WhatsApp from chatting with youhow-block-whatsapp-chat2Everything WhatsApp: How to block WhatsApp number on your GSM

Steps on how to block any number on your WhatsApp contact list

There are several reasons you might want to block a number on your WhatsApp chats:

If such number continues to send you unsolicited chats

If the number is fond of sending you unwanted photos.

If such number is fond of sending dubious ads to you all the time

You might also want to block a contact if it continues to send you x-rated videos which you dislike

If such number sends you religious messages that negate your religious views

If the chats sent by such number could be a threat to your marriage or relationship

We could go on and on…

If your reason falls under any of the ones listed above, then you may consider blocking such number from your WhatsApp contact list.

This is how to block any number on WhatsApp contact

Two options are available for blocking a number on your WhatsApp contact list.

Method 1

Tap on the WhatsApp app

Depending on the kind of phone you’re using, click on home

Clicking on home will bring up the following options:

  • New group
  • New broadcast
  • WhatsApp web
  • Starred messages
  • Status
  • Settings

Click on setting to show other options, your account on top followed by:how-block-whatsapp-chat4


  • Account
  • Chats
  • Notifications, and
  • Data usage.

Click on Account how-block-whatsapp-chat1

Tapping on account will show sub options like

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • change number
  • Delete my account

Click on privacy how-block-whatsapp-chat2

Tapping on privacy will prompt the two categories under this section:


Scroll down to MESSAGING. This section has two option:

  • List of contacts you have blocked, and
  • Read receipts.

Click on Blocked

On top of your screen there is something like +, click on it to show the full list of your WhatsApp contact.

Click on any of the contact you want to bar from sending WhatsApp chat to you.

That’s all

How do I block unknown or strange number from my WhatsApp contact list?

That’s why we have the second option.

Method 2

Tap on the WhatsApp app, it’ll show list of your CHATS.

Click on the number that has been sending you unsolicited WhatsApp chats

It’ll definitely show as if you want to chat, but NO!

Depending on the kind of phone you use, tap on the option, it’ll show the following:

  • Add to contacts
  • Media
  • Search
  • Mute
  • Wallpaper
  • More

Click on More

Tapping on More will prompt the following option to come up:

  • block,
  • clear chat,
  • email chat,
  • add shortcut.

Click on Block to bar such number from sending WhatsApp chat to you.

The barred number will automatically go to your blocked contacts. The number will not be able to reach you via chat unless you unblock him or her.

So, have you made up your mind to unblock that person who didn’t want to hear from on your WhatsApp?

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