Helping Hands International (H2i)

How to register NEW H2I member via your dashboard :Step-by-step

Last update :May 11,2017

Some newly registered members of helping hands international find it challenging to register another h2i partners through their dashboard. 

This tutorial is meant to solve that problem: Opening h2i account for new members

So let’s get started right away… 

Before that, don’t forget to fill H2i REGISTRATION FORM the details you filled therein would be used to set up the account. 

H2i Registration process for new members

STEP 1: As a registered partner, login to your account.


STEP 2: When you login, check the left hand side of your dashboard for the menu.

The menu options are 10:

i. Main dashboard 

ii.My account

iii.My income report

iv. E-wallet section

v. My members report

vi. Genealogy tree

vii. Register Member

viii. Support management 

ix. Marketing tools

x. Policy sections

STEP 3: Then click on the 7th option which is “REGISTER MEMBER”

STEP 4: After clicking REGISTER MEMBER, you will be taken to the registration page immediately, where your username will be automatically uploaded on the “Sponsor Id/username” field, carrying your full name at the side. 

STAGE 5: Fill other blank spaces, scroll down and tick the “Terms and conditions” box, fill the cache given,  then click on “Sign up” button.

STAGE 6: You will be redirected to the “PAYMENT METHOD” page after clicking the “Sign me up” button.

STEP 7: There are two options for payment: “E-Wallet”, and “Master/Visa card”.

For now Ewallet is the most preferred, work is on-going on how to integrate the other options. So choose Ewallet. 

STAGE 8: After clicking the E-Wallet button, you will be taken to “Registration Payment Mode” page where you will supply your Username,  password, and your “Transaction password”, which is your login password.

STAGE 9: After filling the “Payment by E-wallet” form on the “Registration Payment Mode” page. The system will bring a pop-up to ask if you want to proceed.

STEP 10: Click on Yes to make payment via your ewallet account. 

STEP 11: Please, allow the payment to be effected, don’t refresh, don’t click on the back arrow in your browser until you see REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION that contains the username, password, user ID of the new account.

That’s all! 

Call the the new member to check his e-mail address,  or you forward his login details to him for him to explore his new h2i account dashboard. 


By the time you begin to rake in dollars in your account,  you might want to sell dollars for a fellow h2i member, I’ll teach you how to sell or fund your h2i E-Wallet account. 

Ask me any question. 

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