Helping Hands International (H2i)

H2i stages and their benefits

Stages in Helping Hands International and their incentives

Stage 1: Associate member

After your successful registration, you automatically become an Associate Member, which is stage 1.

As an associate member you’re required to invite at least two people.

Let’s say the two people that you invited are Mr. P and Mrs. P.

It means both Mr. P and Mrs. P are your down-lines.

You’ll earn referral bonus of $8 on each of them (that translates to $8×2 = $16).

To enjoy the full benefits of this programme, your referrals (Mr. P and Mrs. P) are also expected to at least two new members each.

When they achieve that task, you that referred Mr. P and Mrs. P will get what Helping Hands International calls Matrix bonus of $10.helping-hands-int-stage1

Then the matrix bonus of $10 will be added to your referral bonus of $16, that makes $26, this task qualifies you to H2i Stage 2, which H2i calls Master.

Note: There is no limitation to the number of people you invite, the more people you invite, the more you earn H2i referral bonus of $8. And the more your down-lines invite complete the matrix, the more your matrix bonus.

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It’s interesting and rewarding. I don’t know how to get people to register. Don’t worry; our team has gotten the solution on how to win people into your fold.

Stage 2: Master

As you progress to stage two (Master), you’re at will to invite people for more referral bonuses.

At this stage, Mr. P and Mrs. P (your downlines) will have to complete their stage 1 in order to join you in stage 2.

When they complete stage 1 and proceed to stage 2 (while Mr. P Mrs. P get matrix bonus and referral bonus) you will also get what’s known as H2i Matching bonus which is between $100 – $1,000 (level 1-5).helping-hand-international-in-nigeria

Helping Hands International has been designed in such a way that it requires team work.

Number two, Mr. P and Mrs. P progress will be your plan too because you know their progresses mean progress for you.

Helping Hands International is some steps ahead of others whereby the person at the top only rakes in money while his downlines will have to struggle.

In H2i it’s win-win matrix method

Benefits of H2i Stage 2

  • At Stage 2, you’ll be rewarded a Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop.h2i-laptops-bonuses

Then you climb the matrix ladder to Stage 3: Super Master.

Stage 3: Super Master

At Super Master stage, as Mr. P and Mrs. P in stage 2 members are joining you, you will be getting Level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $200 – $3,000.

And when they are completed, you will also get the additional benefits.

Benefits of H2i Stage 3:

  • Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i
  • Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each).
  • A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000.
    One of H2i bonuses
    One of H2i bonuses

Then you will move to stage 4 called Minister

Stage 4: Minister

Stage 4 qualifies you as H2i Minister, also as your stage 3 members join you, you get level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $300-$6,000.

When they are completed, you will get the following Additional Incentives:

Benefits of H2i Stage 4:

  • Interest Free Loan (on request)- up to $12,000
  • Property & Asset Funding (70% support of up to $12,000)
  • Another Brand New Hyundai ix35 Executive Jeep that worth over $30,000.
    Olorede Jimoh
    Olorede Jimoh
  • Humanitarian Aids to 1 orphanage home in your neighborhood on your recommendation.

From this stage you automatically move to stage 5 called Prime Minister.

Stage 5: Prime Minister

At stage 5 you’re now H2i Prime Minister. At this stage you only need 6 of your members from stage 4 to join you, as soon as they join you; your H2i E-Wallet account will be automatically be credited with $12,000.

Benefits of H2i Stage 5:

  • All Expensive paid International Trip
  • Education Fund (2 kids) $2,000
  • Yearly Infinity Bonus of $5,000
  • Elite Club Membership Loan up to $44,000
  • Housing Fund up to $40,000 and other incentives.


Note: you need a referral username to be successful

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