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#H2i: Gain financial freedom through Helping Hands International with just $40

Secrets of H2i strategies and how you can use them to effect a positive change in your life

A great number of you reading this must have read something related to this before.

BUT this revelation you’re about reading could change your life for good, even better, or best.

The online journalism which has given everyone the privilege to publish anything in as much he’s internet connectivity has made it difficult to identify the real online investment that can turn one’s life around.

This article is about success stories of those who have taken their time to critically study the prospects of Helping Hands International Nigeria some years back and have taken the wisest decision to be a member, and how you too can join to tell your own success story.


  • What is Helping Hands International, H2i for short.
  • Who is Olorede Jimoh and H2i?
  • Will helping hands change my life to better?
  • What do I do in H2i?
  • So how do I become H2i member?
  • How H2i works
  • Best strategies on how to get downlines?
  • H2i secretes
  • How to join Helping Hands International or for enquiries

 What is H2i?

Helping Hands international is an NGO and a charity organization based in Philippine, which came into Nigeria in 2013.

I’m going to tell you seemingly personal experience with H2i

I first heard about it early 2014, I thought it’s a usual scam around. A bosom friend, Olorede Jimoh, joined and he started promoting it.

He’s today a MINISTER which is Stage 4; his car bonus arrives soon.

Who is Olorede Jimoh and H2i

Olorede Jimoh
Olorede Jimoh

He’s brilliant young lecturer at the Mass Communication Department of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State, and a Ph.D student at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

We’ll tell you more about him and how his determination yielded “positivity

You can do an independent research on Olorede. More about him later on this platform.

Will helping hands change my life to better?

That’s the question everyone reading this should ask himself.

H2i isn’t a ponzi scheme out there; in fact it’s been in Nigeria before the penetration of any of those ponzi schemes.

I implore you to carefully read this

It’s not the usual promotional article you’ve read over and over again.

H2i is different and I’m sure this article is going to open your eyes to lots of benefits of Helping Hands International over other Multi Level Marketing firms you’ve seen around.

Why you should read this…h2i-ads

You’ll be learning the most workable strategies that will pick you out of financial difficulty with just one-time donation of #6,600 to your upline through Helping Hands International in Nigeria.

Before that…

What do I do in H2i?

What they need people to do is to donate to charity.

There are two (2) forms of donation to charity

  1. Donate and you don’t expect anything back like you do to other charity
  2. Donate and actively help them to refer others that will donate to charity too.

The second option is profitable which virtually all of us want.

If you pick the second option, they have a compensation plan for you. There is a stage you get to, they give you a laptop, there is another stage you get to and you’re given a car and earn dollars.

So how do I become H2i member?

With just N6,600 ($40) you can become a member. The minimum donation for one account registration is $40.

The exchange rate is N165 per dollar whether dollar increases or decreases.  So $40 is N6,600.

For people that want to make the business another stream of income for them. The business allows you to register up to 15 accounts in your name.

And I’ll explain to you how just N6,600 will earn you  a beautiful life of infinite possibilities, luxury and glamour; a life full of love, kindness and the power to share.

Helping Hands International has developed an unbeatable compensation plan that is a total departure from the norm.

H2i has extracted the best features of 2 x 2 forced matrix and integrated it with the best of 2 x 5 forced matrix to produce the best and fastest income producer.

The benefits are delivered to you as you move up H2i hierarchy of stages.

How H2i works

There are 5 stages in Helping Hands International:

Stage 1 is called ASSOCIATE

Stage 2 is called MASTER

Stage 3 is called SUPER MASTER

Stage 4 is called MINISTER

Stage 5 is called PRIME MINISTER

These five stages are designed in such a way that your basic work here is just to refer only 2 people and encourage them to refer another 2 and on and on…

Don’t be afraid of that, our team has the method that’ll assist you bring at least two people

Once this is achieved, you recover your initial $40 one time payment.

Most importantly, by achieving this, you also set up a ceaseless income producing machine that will keep chunking fund into your account whether you are active or not for years to come.

H2i system also offers spill over and spill under benefits. You enjoy 10% matching bonus each time a direct down line of yours completes his matrix and moves to the next stage.

I am quite much convinced you will love it!

So let’s move straight to how the stages work


As an ASSOCIATE member your helping hands international account is enabled to sponsor and introduce others with your referral link or direct referring.

You can then introduce at least 2 and these 2 introduce their own 2 each. You get 20% ($8) for each person you introduced.

So if you introduce all 6 in your foundation matrix, you get $8 x 6 = $48 instantly plus $10 matrix bonus making it a total of $58.

If you introduced at least 2 members – you make $26, giving you 80% of your investment back same day. Incredible right?, how much more when you introduce all 6 in your matrix, You will make $58 that is over 150% return.helping-hands-int-stage1

So what you waiting for call friends and relations, refer as many as you can and rake in good money.

When the 2 you brought also brought 2 each direct or indirectly with the help of spill-over effect.

As you collect your matrix bonus, your account status is automatically set to: STAGE 2 – MASTER


As those in your matrix (6 in total) fills their matrix and collect their associate matrix bonus (at least $24), they follow you down to masters stage which is a 2 by 5 forced matrix, with the spill under effect your matrix is filled faster, because with this matrix system, you don’t lose your matrix members.

H2i isn’t breakaway or board splitting system

Unlike breakaway or board splitting system where all your downlinks are scattered, making it difficult for you to grow.

As your direct and indirect passes through the feeder matrix, they collect $26 (if they refer only 2) and you will collect $1,000 as your matrix bonus.

What makes Helping Hands Int. different from othersh2i-bonuses

The system causes a regular cash flow for members, you don’t have to wait for the matrix to get filled. You collect money as you progresses and another when it’s completely filled.

In addition to $1,000, you get FREE laptop (or ipad) to enhance your online success.


Matching bonus is another way for members to earn from their direct referrals.

You get 10% match each time your direct referral completes a stage, 10% of $1,000 =$100 is paid to direct up line. Matching bonus runs from stage 2 to 5.

As this is happening your helping hand account is automatically changed to: SUPER MASTER


As those in your 2 x 5 matrix turn master, you will receive $1,500 from level 1-5 and another $1,500 when the matrix is filled up three things will happen simultaneously.

As you get paid the balance of $1,500 Your direct uplink will receive Matching Bonus of $150 and Your status will automatically change to Super Master


One of H2i bonuses
One of H2i bonuses

You get a brand new Hyundai ix10 (worth over $10,000)

You will be required to recommend two persons to for empowerment. Both will receive $1000 each. Now, you are not only changing your life but you are affecting lives of others and changing their lives for the better. It’s a priceless service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or less

privilege, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need. Give a helping hand today! Invite someone to join us today!!


As those in your matrix turn Super Master you will receive $2000 from level 1-5 of the matrix and another $4000 when your matrix is completed, Totaling = $6,000 matrix bonus, simultaneously your uplink will receive $300 as matching bonus and your position changed to Prime Minister.

In addition to cash bonus of $6000, you will get..

Olorede Jimoh
Olorede Jimoh

An executive Hyundai worth over $27,000 (delivered to you 3 weeks of your qualification)

$1,000 empowerment for one motherless home or disabled home in your neighborhood.

Interest FREE Loan due – up to $12,000 (no collateral is required)


This is the last stage and its just 2 x 2 Matrix, when 6 members of your previous matrix join you in prime minister’s stage, you will receive $12,000 paid in two levels, and 5% matching to your upline.

$2000 paid as you fill your level 1

Plus another $10,000 paid when the matrix completely filled up (that is level 2).

As you completes the last stage (prime minister’s stage) you get all necessary reward and incentives as follows:

  • International trip
  • Housing fund
  • Educational fund
  • Yearly infinity bonus
  • Yearly Elite Club members loan (up to $44,000)

Plus a re-entry into prime minister’s stage again and again Enjoy more benefits and incentives again and again as matrix is being filled. Each time there is a re-entry into prime minister’s Matrix, $500 is being deducted automatically and such status is changed with star two (**) indicating second tenure, third tenure entry is Star 3 (***), this is to differentiate a Prime Minister from 2nd tenure or 3rd tenure prime minister or 4th up to the 6th tenure prime minister.

When a prime minister attain the 6th star level, as he is about to start the 7th tenure he is given an opportunity occupy one of our prestigious position as a Director(TRUSTEE).

Board of TRUSTEE is a most coveted position in Helping Hands International, with mouthwatering and enticing benefits and lots of luxuries and fulfillment packages.

Advantage of Helping Hands International over other MLMs

  1. Life Empowerment Services

These include (but not limited to):

  • Humanitarian Services
  • Trade and Skill Acquisition Service
  • Assets and Property Purchase Services
  • Financial Support services
  • Scholarship Empowerment services
  1. Unique Compensation Plan

We offer you cars, exotic holiday trips round the world, housing fund, educational fund for your kids, Interest free funds and the opportunity to empower your loved ones through our “Empowerment fund” among other benefits. Indeed, this is mind blowing!

It is a ruthless, no nonsense plan that guarantees that everyone, even you, grow wealthy in no distance time if little effort is committed.

In summary our highly profitable plan offers you over 12 multiple ways of earnings to enhance your life and that of your loved one.

This includes:

  • Referral Bonus(20%)
  • Matrix Bonus($10-$80000)
  • Matching Bonus($100-$600)
  • Yearly infinity Bonus($5000)
  • Educational fund($2000)
  • Cars( Hyundai Elantra, SUV)
  • Free International exotic trip
  • Housing fund($40,000)
  • Interest free business fund(up to $44,000)
  • Empowerment for the 2 less privileged nominated by you.
  • A replicated hitech website with back-end to manage your business real time.
  • Promotional Incentives

This is the opportunity the world has been waiting for!

A business opportunity that is truly global and designed with member’s interest at heart is what we are offering you!

Can’t you see that H2i is not just a money making venture, but a humanitarian project anchored by administrators with the heart for the people.

Why you should join H2i

Helping Hands International’s original intention remains to empower the less privileged and this will never change!

This is a long term project and quite different from what has been on the internet.

H2i uniqueness lies in the fact that:

  • Regular cash flow unlike other matrix plans where you only earn when you circle.
  • Affordable and profitable business plan.
  • Just $40 onetime payment and you are up and running!
  • An online business that has a visible face run by humanitarians.
  • Our Empowerment service is second to none,
  • It is a people oriented package, designed to touch live of people around you through you.

Welcome to Helping Hands International.

Sign up now and enjoy H2i world of unlimited possibilities and potentials!


Helping Hands is proudly supported by:

  1. Hyundai motors South Korea
  2. GAC Motors
  3. Apple USA
  4. Diamond Bank Nigeria
  5. HP USA
  6. LG World


All that is required to become an H2i member is a onetime payment of $40/N6,600

You need a referral

After this donation, you’ll be registered.

An account will be created for you (with automatic inbuilt E-wallet for instant remittances of your bonuses).

Best strategy on how to get downlines in H2i

Most people are discouraged to join MLM because of the fact that they’ll have to source for people.

We’ve got solution to that problem.


When you register under our team, we’ll help publish your promotional article FREE on this platform.

The purpose is for you to get at least two downlines under you. When you get that, we’ll also help your downlines to do the same till everyone grows.

H2i secretes

The more your downline grows, the more you too grow, so it’s win-win situation for H2i founders, uplines, and downlines.

Are you still skeptical? Give it a try!

How to join Helping Hands International or for enquiries

Call: +2348027024054

WhatsApp: +2348065277758

Reach Ope Quadri on Facebook

I tweet at @OpeQuadri


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