By Faith Basilia

The land of His Grace

We love setting the pace

You must have a new face

You’re a lovely,enjoying place


Why not call you by your name

You’re small, but you have fame

Several things have become a game

I know you can never have a same


What a lovely name IZOMBE!


We’re good, you open every Igodo

I saw you brought no Olodo

I never cried its Okoro-ndo


Who has sixteen children like you

Everything you bear is true

The gods you hold put us through

The sixteen children make a crew


Amakpu bears the royalhood

Umu-amaka crowns as motherhood

Ugbele is nothing but fatherhood

Ndi-Onwuama Ibe in step motherhood


Ndi-Awa are prime ministers

Okpudo have so many spinsters

Eziama are small but sprinters

Ndi-Oko study and are more printers


Amaudara have the range of package

Umuele are blessed with business mortgage

Amapuredere not endangered with any spillage

Ndiulo-Ukwu have able and vibrant men

Umu-Owere filled with hunters and fisher men

Umu-Akpa known for their hardwork and enthusiasm

Amakohia are blessed with oil

Osu-Izombe fishes and phyto planktons you nurture

Children united with no breakage


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