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MMM freezes accounts till January 12, 2017: Is that the end of MMM Nigeria?

MMM Get Help suspended for a month

MMM Nigeria has frozen all MMM accounts mavro (money) for the year. It means member won’t be able to Get Help (GH) with this time frame.

While those who want to Provide Help (PH) will still be able to do so, inability to Get Help is likely to affect the rate at which participants provide help.

Provide Help means the fulfillment of your willingness to pay a fellow member who needs help. Provide help means pay money to another member

Get Help means the amount you’re paid based on the initial help you’ve fulfilled. Get Help ordinarily, means the amount of money you’re paid.

On December 12, 2016, the MMM god-father wrote an open letter to Nigerian authorities saying most of the scheme’s members would suffer if MMM crashed  as speculated by financial experts in Nigeria.mmm-boss

In a news update MMM-Nigeria attributed the closure of mavro for the year to heavy load on its system.

“As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing heavy workload. Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media.

“The things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but it is better to avoid taking risk. Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.

“Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month.mmm-global-online-investment-fraud

“The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. Which we will definitely do.”

Remember that MMM early in the month announced 20% bonus for all new members on all contributions made before January 2017.

“On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we are introducing a bonus: +20% on all contributions made from December 7 to January 1. So, when you provide help, for example, in the amount of 1,000 naira, you will be granted 1,000 Mavro-NGN plus a bonus of 200 Mavro-NGN (so it will look like you provided help for 1,200 naira).”

The Christmas 20% was believed to be a marketing mix to encourage new entrants to the scheme.

But since Get Help has been pegged for a period of one month, it’s expected that the rate of Provide Help will drastically reduce since those who provide help hope to get help as quick as possible.

Before now, financial experts, MMM members have been reluctant to Provide Help during this festive period, “more people will need help this period, it’s advisable to pause for the rest of year, anything can happen before the year ends,” MMM participant says in November.

MMM as a simple economic principle

It’s a simple economic principle “production must be higher than consumption.”

When consumption is higher than production, then problem arises.mmm-ranks-better-than-nigerian-banks

In MMM, PH could be likened to production while Get Help could be likened to consumption. At this time, GH is higher than PH. And GH was instantly frozen by the MMM team to avoid total collapse of the scheme.

Is that the end of MMM Nigeria?

MMM-Nigeria says a month suspension of mavro isn’t the end of MMM Nigeria. In a facebook chat, MMM-Nigeria succinctly put it thus:

As we can see from the main news, confirmed mavro are frozen for one month for sustainability of the community.

We should remember we have one goal: To unite millions of Nigerians to Get Help and Provide Help.

These measures are expected and now this one month frozen mavro continue growing, it might not even be up to one month it might be less and it depends on the programmers after they also add some new models.

This period GH will be frozen, at this time it is important for you to talk to your downlines and explain the situation and it is important to change the attitude, participants should understand that they are not clients who are getting services from a company.

They are responsible for the outcome and the outcome is determined by the attitude, it is important we don’t spread panic.

In January we will have new concept and it will be implemented by programmers, it won’t be possible for massive GH we are pushing programmers forward to work faster, when we implement you will see how it will workmmm-make-easy-money

Explain to your Downliners if we surrender and do what the media wants us to do we win noting! We need to make some scarifies for a better community.

We will post clarification and more details probably this week.

Probably we will release some mavros before 30 days.

Now is a period when you been a guider to demonstrate and talk with your down liners .

With all the assurances from the guys behind the ponzi scheme, some Nigerians are afraid that the end of MMM Nigeria has come.

Some of them believe that a month suspension of mavro (Get Help) is a mild way of introducing the collapse of MMM to all Nigerian participants.

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