100 most inspiring people: Anja Lovén who rescued Nigerian ‘witch-child’ beat Obama, Tutu, others to top list

Anja Ringgren Lovén is the most inspiring person of the year 2016

Anja Ringgren Lovén , a Danish care worker who adopted the young Nigerian boy back in February, beat the likes of Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Dalai Lama to top the list of 100 inspiring individuals compiled by German-language Ooom Magazine.

Full list of 100 most inspiring people for 2016

 (1) Anja Ringgren Lovén | Development assistant

If Courage has a name, then Anja Ringgren Lovén. It was in the middle of Nigeria, at the beginning of 2016, when the Danish development aid worker had a meeting that would change her life and that of a little boy forever. An encounter, recorded in the image of her colleague Martin Nilsson. It became a time document that went around the world and made us all stunned, sad and angry. For it showed in his drama that in a world full of abundance, death often comes very quietly and unintentionally – every minute, every second, somewhere where no one is looking.

On a dirty street, Ringgren Lovén stood before a starving little boy. A “witch-child”, exposed by his own parents, shunned and expelled by the village community. That it still lived bordered on a miracle. Thousands of children are born in Nigeria every year, they could be witches or dark magical powers, exposed, tortured and killed. She handed the boy a bottle of water and biscuits. He was too weak to go any further. Anja’s colleague Martin Nilsson pressed on the trigger of his camera.

Anja Lovén did not think much, she put the dying child in a blanket and brought it to the helm in the car. “For me it was clear at this moment that I would fight with all my strength for this little boy to survive,” says Anja Ringgren Lovén today. She gave him the name Hope, hope. With her aid organization DINNoedhjaelp (, Anja is constantly rescuing children who have been expelled from absentees. She is organizing schools, which they take up and teach, provides for food and a new home in an orphanage founded by her. Martin Nilsson posed the image of Anja and the little boy on the Internet, where it spread millions. And people around the globe asked themselves the same question: In what kind of world do we live where such a thing is possible?

Hope has survived. And now lives in Anja’s orphanage in Nigeria. He has largely coped with the trauma and owes his life to Anja Ringgren Loven, a woman who sold everything she had in 2012 to start her humanitarian mission. “Whoever saves a single life saves the whole world,” it says. Anja Ringgren Lovén saved our world.

(2) Barack Obama | 44th President of the USA

He came as a light, and as such, he also descends. Since it became clear that his successor is called Donald Trump, even his critics know what the world had to Barack Obama. As the first black president, he gave the whole world hope and inspiration. He was responsible for an economic recovery, he lowered unemployment and created 15 million new jobs, fought against climate change, and provided “Obamacare” with 16 million Americans a health insurance. He fought at Guantánamo, Syria, Iraq. We will miss him anyway.

(3) Charlize Theron | Actress and activist

“We can be the generation with which AIDS ends,” says Charlize Theron, who has been trying to convince African youth to protect themselves from HIV for almost ten years with their “Africa Outreach Project” (CTAOP). The UN Peace Ambassador and Oscar winner spends much time in South Africa and other parts of the continent, coordinating the support of local relief organizations such as WhizzKids United, Drama For Life, and HIVSA. The rates of infection are continually declining – with the merit of Charlize Theron. A woman who inspires many.

(4) Francis The modest pope

He is the pope of the poor who gives millions new hope. Pope Francis renounced the insignia of the power, lived humility, drove small cars instead of Papamobil. A pope of hearts.

(5) Leonardo DiCaprio | Green world conscience
He produced the climate change documentary “Before the Flood”, called for climate protection at the UN Climate Conference in Paris. The film star became a green cosmos. Our Hero.

(6) Dalai Lama | Spiritual leader
He is the embodiment of inspiration. When the head of the Tibetans, as lastly through Europe, toured, so tens of thousands follow his wisdom. His message: love and compassion. Yes.

(7) Mark Zuckerberg Bookmark and Share Facebook Founder

He will donate $ 3 billion over the next decade to fund the investigation of cures for deadly diseases, and, along with his wife, Priscilla Chan, a pediatrician, will use 99% of his Facebook shares for charity. Hats off.

(8) Malala Yousafzai Children’s rights activist

As a 14-year-old, the Taliban shot her head in Pakistan because she was engaged in school education for girls. It survived – and received the Nobel Peace Prize. With the UNESCO, she launched the Malala Fund to promote the right of children to education worldwide.

(9) Bob Dylan | Celebrated hero
That he has ever been awarded the literary Nobel Prize, he would probably never have expected, when he wrote classics like “Blowin ‘In The Wind” or “Like A Rolling Stone”. That he is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, who inspired generations, we already knew before. A legend.

(10) Elon Musk | Space visionary

He is the proof that you do not have to have any idea of a thing to revolutionize it. Elon Musk did not know anything about electric cars or rockets, and with Tesla and SpaceX created two of the most important global players in these sectors. A visionary & pioneer. Truly inspiring.

(11) Matthieu Ricard | Buddhist teacher

Molecular biologist who became a monk. Wrote bestseller about enlightenment.

(12) Ellen DeGeneres Entertainer
Outete herself as the first US star as a lesbian, LGTB gave millions of hope & inspiration.

(13) Waris Dirie | Women’s rights activist
Wrote “Wüstenblume” (12 million sold), fighting against genital mutilation.

(14) Richard Branson “Virgin” founder
Started B-Team for more responsibility from entrepreneurs for the world.

(15) Enrique Steiger | plastic surgeon
Risks his life in war zones every three months to help victims.

(16) Jonathan Ive | Apple Designer
Designed all products, from the iPad to the iPhone, so impresses generations worldwide.

(17) Peter Wohlleben | WorldBeatellerauthor & Förster

Tell us why animals have a soul, write about the life of the trees.

(18) George Clooney | The good guy

Committed to Darfur and South Sudan, saved thousands of human lives.

(19) Hans Ulrich Obrist | Director Serpentine Galleries
Bringing inspiring art closer to millions of people.

(20) Betty Williams Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Erected in Basilicata, Italy, the first city of peace for children.

(21) Oprah Winfrey | America’s conscience
TV host and businesswoman, donated hundreds of millions of dollars for social purposes.

(22) Deepak Chopra | Inspirational Leader

Bestseller author, brings spirituality to a million-million-world audience.

(23) Olafur Eliasson | Artist
Bring light into villages without electricity with Little Sun, a solar-plastic lamp.

(24) Mathis Wackernagel Footprint inventor

Global thinker for climate protection, invented the ecological footprint.

(25) Reinhold Messner Frontier workers

Arrived as the first 8000s, shows us that pioneer has no limits.

(26) Parov Stelar | Worldstar of the electronic music

Inspired 150 million worldwide with his music, Blues & Swing brings in today.

(27) Ian Cheng | Videographer

Cognitive scientist who creates virtual ecosystems. New art star.

(28) Bernie Sanders | America’s conscience

US Senator, who could be president today – he would not be underhill.

(29) Russell Brand | Motivator & Actors

From the ex-outlaw to the spiritual superstar, the world wants to change, began with itself.

(30) Stella McCartney | Designer

Renounced leather, feathers and fur, creates animal-friendly luxury fashion. Role model.

(31) Alaa Murabit | Doctor, peace advocate

At the age of 21, “The Voice of Libyan Women”, UN High-Level Commissioner.

(32) Justin Trudeau | Prime Minister of Canada

As a new type of politician, not only does Canada hope, great statesman.

(33) Sergey Brin & Larry Page Google founder

They want to revolutionize the world and improve our lives. They say. Google researches in artificial intelligence, consciousness, medicine. If it is for the sake of mankind, continue this way.

(35) Angela Merkel | Rock in the surf

In a world like this one needs more politicians like them. Keep it up.

(36) Bill Gates Philanthrop, Gates Foundation

With a capital of 42.9 billion dollars, he changed the world.

(37) Adele | singer

Their songs go into their hearts and inspire millions. What a strong woman.

(38) Roger Nelson | Global Consciousness

The Princeton professor proved: There is a global awareness. We are one.

(39) Haruki Murakami | writer

It brings us closer to Japan’s tradition and inspiration as hardly anyone else.

(40) Michael Braungart | Cradle-to-cradle developers
Inventive design to recycle material over and over again. Revolutionary.

(41) Bono The eternal humanist

Is for peace and against AIDS, became glamor even “woman of the year”.

(42) Jochen Zeitz About B team co-founder

Ex-Puma CEO wants to improve the world. Supports environmental protection, builds museum.

(43) Jamie Oliver | Cook & Bestseller author

Initiated initiatives for healthier schooling, gives young unemployed jobs.

(44) Richard Wurman | TED founder

Architect & designer, created the most inspiring conference in the world with TED.

(45) Raymond Kurzweil | futurist

Google’s Director of Engineering, founder of the Singularity University.

(46) Stephen Hawking Global thinker

Astrophysicist who explains the universe to us. Fascinating and inspiring.

(47) Aung San Suu Kyi | Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Freedom fighter in Burma, after 15 years of house warriors today, state adviser.

(48) Christo Wrapping artist

Covered 75,000 m² of Iseosees with fabric, 1.3 million people came to marvel.

(49) Carlo Ventura Molecular biologist

At the University of Bologna, the aging process was reversed.

(50) Jane Goodall | Behavioral researcher

Explored primates to help us understand people better. A titan.

(51) Meryl Streep icon

Gives women new self-esteem, showing how to grow beautifully.

(52) Eckhart Tolle | Spiritual teacher

Enthusiastic with his books like “Now! The Power of the Present “Millions.

(53) Bertrand Piccard Scientists, adventurers

He was the first person to go round the earth in a solar airplane. Revolutionary.

(54)  Contact Graphic designer

Changed our understanding of design, redefined with the “Happy Show” luck.

(55) Amy Schumer | Stand-up Comedian

She holds the mirror to the Americans. And prefers to preach one thing: self-irony.

(56) Larry Harvey Burning-Man co-founder

Founded the best festival of inspiration in the Nevada desert, with 60,000 celebrating.

(57) Joanne K. Rowling | Writer

Brought Harry to the theater with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

(58) Tom Ford Neo-Director
As a fashion designer legend, as a director with “Nocturnal Animals” first class.

(59) David Steindl-Rast | US-Benedictine monk

He is from Austria, founded as a spiritual teacher

(60) Lin-M. Miranda | Musical composer

Wrote new Broadway success “Hamilton”, America gives self-confidence.

(61) Anderson Cooper | CNN moderator

Conscience of America, wrote a book on the brother’s suicide and his family.

(62) Peter Diamandis | Founder XPRIZE Foundation

Innovating pioneer, launched the Singularity University with # 45.

(63) Usain Bolt | 9x Olympicsieger

Bringing sports to a new level of success brought in Rio ’16 for the third time 100-meter gold.

(64) Timothy Morton | Philosopher & publicist

Wrote “ecology without nature”, puts our basic assumptions to the test.

(65) Sergio Canavero Medicine revolutionary

With the first head transplant, to change medicine and cure diseases.

(66) Vishen Lakhiani | Founder & CEO Mindvalley

Launched the first great platform for spirituality on the Internet.

(67) Emma Watson | Actress, activist

The “Harry Potter” star is a UN special ambassador for women’s rights.

(68) George Takei Mr. Sulu & activist

Starfleet Enterprise Star fights for gay rights (9.9 million Facebook fans).

(69) Roshi Joan Halifax | Zen Buddhist Teacher

Founder of the Ojai Foundation & Upaya Zen Center, Dalai Lama confidant.

(70) Chris Hadfield | astronaut

Sang David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in space, inspires us for the universe.

(71) Dana Falsetti | Plus size yogal teacher

With 130 kilos of America’s most popular yoga teacher, new body awareness teaches.

(72) Rainer Weiss | physicist

Founded LIGO project for the detection of gravitational waves, Nobelpreisanwärter.

(73) Christoph Waltz | Austria’s conscience

Named Trump after the election a disaster and social networks “brunzdumm”.

(74) Alison Lapper | Artist, hopefull

Born without arms and shortened legs, painted with his mouth.

(75) Daphne Koller – Filmography by type Coursera founder

The Stanford professor brings college courses free to the students.

(76) Alessandro Michele | Gucci Designer

Creativity created the biggest fashion turnaround of a fashion brand.

(77) Neil Pasricha | Bestseller author

Director “Global Happiness” – Institute, knows: happiness is in the little things.

(78) Mark Ronson music producer

Makes music that inspires us. Earlier, Amy Winehouse, now Lady Gaga.

(79) Michael Moore | Film director

Sorgte with the documentary “Im Trumpland” for an oppressive time document.

(80) Jeremy Rifkin | Sociologist & Economist

The future researcher sees digitalization as a third industrial revolution.

(81)Theaster Gates Installation artist

In Chicago, he transformed a bank into an art hall, unifying art & life.

(82) Caroline Myss | Holistic medicine icon

Wrote five New York Times bestselling about alternative medicine.

(83) May El Khalil | Beirut Marathon founder

Organized since 2003 the peace process in Lebanon, last with over 37.000 runners.

(84) David Byrne | Multimediate artist

The ex-talking heads heads with books, art, events, 2017 a musical.

(85) Don Cheadle | Actor, Activist

The “Not On Our Watch” founder is active in South Sudan.

(86) Caitlyn Jenner | Transgender icon

Olympic winner and KimKardashian stepfather became a woman. Boldly. Exemplary.

(87) Daniel Siegel

Founder of interpersonal neurobiology, researches on mind, soul, brain.

(88) Desmond Tutu | Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Clerics and human rights activists, fights against apartheid in their hearts.

(89) Jacques Herzog | Herzog & de Meuron

Finalized with Partner de Meuron her masterpiece, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

(90) Iris van Herpen | Designer

Inspired by their innovative, avant-garde fashion the art world.

(91) Ariana Grande | Actress & singer

Since 2009, the US star has taught children in South Africa every year in music and dance.

(92) Philip Beesley | architect

Its living architecture shows how buildings of the future are to be.

(93) Sting | Singer & activist

Sang to reopen the Bataclan in Paris. On the spot when it is important.

(94) Jimmy Fallon “Tonight Show” moderator

He makes America laugh – even under an elected President Trump.

(95) James Cameron “Avatar” director

Lives vegan, became an environmental activist, fighting climate change.

(96) James Turrell | Country Art Artist

His skyspace in Houston, Texas, provides goose bumps. Architecture of the future.

(97) Salman “Sal” Khan Founder of the Khan Academy

Created a free learning platform on the Internet with the aim of educating students.

(98) Klaus Biesenbach | MoMA Chief Curator

Visionary, brings America closer to art like hardly anyone else.

(99) Anil Gupta | Founder Honey Bee Network

Creation of knowledge ecosystem, global authority in the field of Grassrots Movements.

(100) Naomi Klein,Advertisement advertisement Activist, bestseller author

The globalization critic and fighter against climate change motivates many.