Nigerians are beginning to know what good music is-Bman

Talented Afro Beat singer Bman says very soon music without good content would have no place in Nigeria’s music industry.

In this interview he also told Anthony Amenaghawon how he plans to rock Nigerian music scene.

 Real name

Mbilitem Kingsley Osita Johnberchman

Stage name


Brand of music

I’m an Afro beat and Afro pop artist

Beginning of my career

I started music back then when I was in secondary school with a group called HOT we didn’t last though, we were loved by our classmates who were our only fans then, they always wanted us to sing for them and play drums with our table

Until a guy heard me sing and wanted me to take a chorus for his single then, his name was SMOG, may his soul RIP.

He gave me the first opportunity to get into the studio and know what it feels like. So since then it has been God all the way

Major break

My major break was when I started going for shows with Ruggedman and other celebrities, performing with them, people started taking me serious and the believe became stronger.

The journey so far

The journey so far has been challenging and interesting at the same time. I’ve learnt a lot and realise what this music industry needs is been strategic and patient; keep doing good music, your time will come.

NO RUSH TO BLOWosita-bman

Areas of interest

I’m into music and graphic designing.

Lessons learnt

I’ve learnt to make good music that will last a life time and always see music as a Brand and treat it like one and have a sound which is very important, so people will know what you sound like.

Don’t try to be like anybody.

My role model

My role models are people who do good music and still pass a message. Likes of Fela, Brymo, burnaboy, Blackmagic, Darey, and Chris Brown are my role models.

Most memorable moment

Funny enough my most memorable was when I was still in school and a show was been held at the Theatre Hall of the University of Benin, Edo State, some set of people were performing but the crowd wanted me, I was at the back stage waiting for my turn and they started yelling my name Bman! Bman!

While one guy was performing, they could not wait anymore to see me.

Then the MC came back on stage and asked, “Who is Bman?”

I said, “It’s me.”

He said, “They need you out there.”

I was blushing.

I finally came out and the screaming from the crowd was amazing.

Then I sang and made them happy.

Here is one of my singles, “Husband Material.”

Most embarrassing moment

And my embarrassing moment was when I went for a show on Valentine’s Day in 2015. It was crowded I was supposed to perform for that show, I got there early so they won’t call me and I’m nowhere to be found.

The MC which was my friend said I would perform that I should wait a little which I did for almost 4 hours, but he wouldn’t call me.

So I walked up to him to remind him of my performance and he said he would call me right away.

I was happy.osita-bman2

But I got a shocker of my life when the MC went back to the stage: he closed the show.

My fans and admirers who I personally invited to come watch me perform were already seated.

Funny enough, I was already behind the DJ on the stage.

I wanted to cry, I felt like punching that guy on the face.

My fans and me were disappointed.

He later came to beg me after the show to say he didn’t know exactly what happened.


My everyday life inspires me.

Future plans

I’m working with the big names in the industry and we’re making good music, will like to own a label one day and own an advert agency.

Perception about the entertainment industry

A lot of crap music are been celebrated and good music neglected, that gives me a huge concern.

But trust me Nigerians are beginning to know what good music is and are taking their time to scrutinize your lyrics and even when you rap as fast as possible.

Philosophy about lifeosita-bman1

Patience, hard work and consistency.

When you plant a seed there is period called a wait period whereby you chill for your seed to grow so you can harvest but the problem is that people got no time to wait they want result right away.

And when you don’t wait you become desperate and when you’re desperate you don’t mind the source of your success.

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