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Npower course modules for shortlisted applicants


If you’re among the successful applicants who made the first batch of 200,000 you need to take two actions:

  1. Login to your portal to update your banking details: you need to have your account number in your details. Check out the processes involved here
  2. Explore the course modules in your portal, which is exactly what we have here. But make sure to check your portal for a news development.

Here you’ll be groomed as Volunteer Teacher. Successful completion of all 6 modules in Prepare, will teach you:

  • ethics of the teaching profession
  • effective classroom management
  • effective curriculum creation
  • learner-centered teaching methods.

Module 1: The teaching profession

This is an introduction of the trainee to the profession as a noble job that has rules and principles governing its operation. In this module, the trainee will be taught how a teacher should plan his/her work, determine the method and/or approach to engage in delivering a particular lesson.

Module 1 contains 3 units:

  • Unit 1 – Teaching and qualities of a teacher
  • Unit 2 – Ethics in teaching profession
  • Unit 3 – The teacher and the Law

Module 2: Instructional Materials And School Records

This module will address the crucial documents that a teacher must be familiar with. The documents include the national policy on education, the national curriculum, schemes of work, lesson plan and notes, relevant textbooks, etc. the trainee will also be introduced to documents for keeping records in school/classrooms and their usage. Such documents are admission register, attendance register, diaries, time tables, logbooks, etc.

Module 2 has 6 units:

  • Unit 1 – National Policy on Education
  • Unit 2 – National Curriculum
  • Unit 3 – Effective use of the National Curriculum
  • Unit 4 – Effective use of Textbooks
  • Unit 5 – Meaning and Importance of School Records
  • Unit 6 – Types and classification of school records

Module 3: Classroom teaching and management

With 5 units, module 3 gets the trainee ready for the classroom as a teacher. It will also expose the trainee to how to manage teaching and learning situations that will be met in the classroom.npvn-npower-legitimate-sites

The module puts the trainee on the teaching wheel and trains him/her on how to attain success in teaching activities.

  • Unit 1 – Getting ready for the classroom
  • Unit 2 – Learner-centered approach
  • Unit 3 – Managing the classroom and learning
  • Unit 4 – Teaching the lesson
  • Unit 5 – Managing challenging situations

Module 4: General And Subjects Teaching Material

This module takes the trainee through general and specific subject methods that the new teacher could adopt in the classroom. The module will address teaching methods for some core subjects (Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Basic Science & Technology) and the Nigerian languages (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo).

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This module has 6 units:

  • Unit 1 – General Teaching Methods
  • Unit 2 – Teaching Methods for Social Studies
  • Unit 3 – Teaching Methods for Mathematics
  • Unit 4 – Teaching Method in basic Science and Technology
  • Unit 5 – How to Write Lesson Notes
  • Unit 6 – Methods for English Language and Literature-in-English

Module 5: Improvisation And Production Of Instructional Materials

Sometimes teachers are faced with challenges of non-availability of some highly essential materials needed for effective classroom teaching. This module trains the trainee on how to improvise or produce his/her own instructional materials.

Its units are:

  • Unit 1 – Overview of instructional material
  • Unit 2 – Types and sources of instructional materials
  • Unit 3 – Selecting, Modifying or Designing Materials
  • Unit 4 – Instructional materials in teaching core subjects
  • Unit 5 – Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) and Open Resources for English Language Teaching (OERLT) in your classroom

Module 6: School-based Assessment

With 5 units, module 6 is concerned with assessment which is an important component of the work of a teacher. The art of assessing learners and the teacher himself will be built into the trainee in the course of the module.

  • Unit 1 – Evaluation Assessment And Testing
  • Unit 2 – School Based Assessment
  • Unit 3 – Rationale for School Based Assessment
  • Unit 4 – Types of School Based Assessment
  • Unit 5 – Constructing Classroom Test

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