Comedians are sound minded people-Jesus Parrot

“Comedy in Nigeria is taking a new shape”

JP means Justice of the Peace in the legal circle, but of Nigerian comedians chose the stage name JP since his days at the university.

His own JP is far from Justice of the Peace, it means Jesus Parrot. He’s Godwin Okhawere who says his pattern of comedy is gospel-inclined; and tells infobase how he came about the name “Jesus Parrot.”

Why gospel comedy and not secular?

Most of the times people always want to judge me by my brand name

‘JesusParrot’. I do gospel because I love the gospel but it’s all about being ethical in your delivery. I have anchored weddings, corporate events, religious events, like I said it is all about being ethical with your delivery.

What inspires you?

A lot. The word. People. Environment. Books and I mean books. I try to read a lot. One of my colleagues came to my house and saw books in my mini library, he was marveled.

Then he asked me, what do I do with all the big books.

It’s beyond comedy, it’s all about what you know and how you say and make people happy. I need all the knowledge. Lol

Has it been lucrative so far?jp-comedian

If it’s not lucrative, I don’t think I will be granted this interview (Laughs).

Yes, it is. I am pushing and keep sharpening my comic skills to meet up with demands and also look different.

Why the name JesusParrot?

It’s very amazing the way the name came. I was at an event when I saw two church folks quarreling and one of the guys called the other “Jesus’ Parrot, you too dey talk too much”.

It just clicked that it would be a nice name as my stage name. I Love the literally intonation, the Jesus and the parrot.

And that’s it today some things which are still coming. We are taking it one bit by bit with God directing my path.

All I know now is that one have to be more creative and innovative. The industry is not the same way it used to be.

Future plans?

Presenting working on the SHOWCITY GOSPEL FEST (SCGF), a Lagos premier community gospel festival showcase to inspire people and create platforms for the gospel acts.gospel-fest-hosted-by-jp

It will also blend contemporary and traditional gospel melodies, with comedy, dance and drama.

The festival will be filled with inspiration and dedicated to bringing people together, especially families with the aim of inspiring them.

The venue is Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

Date is Sunday, November 27th, 2016 at 3.00pm.

Like I said, we are putting together some things. Very soon, we will start unleashing. We are praying and waiting for the right time to reveal.

Comedy in Nigeria?

Comedy is taking a new shape. It is becoming big and lots of people are now regarding comedians as sound minded people, professionals who take their business seriously not the idiot they use to call us.

Lots of platforms are springing up, comedy shows, comedy clubs, and concerts from across Nigeria.

It shows we are moving forward. Comedians are well respected now and with the craft you can feed your family.

It’s big!!

All we need is more support like other sectors and the value we will add to the Nigerian economy will be overwhelming, trust me.

At least we have started breaking records. AY’s movie 30 Days in Atlanta broke the Guiness book of records; Gandoki too broke the record as the long standing comedian in history.

We have several challenges. One of which everyone want to do stand up. I keep telling myself, there are other kinds of comedy we can venture into. We have not even started.