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FAA declares no-fly zone over Trump Tower, Pence’s home

The Federal Aviation Administration has declared an immediate no-fly zone over the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper where US President-elect Donald Trump works and lives with his family.

The no-fly zones will also be effective around Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s home in Indianapolis.

The two no-fly zones will remain in effect until Noon eastern on January 21st, the day Trump will be inaugurated. At that point, standard Presidential no-fly orders — no-fly zones that go wherever the president and vice president do — will be enacted.

Photo credit:gettyimages
Photo credit:gettyimages

The FAA directives, officially called Notice To Airmen or NOTAM, is routine following a presidential election and extends no-fly zones that had been put in place around the homes of all four candidates, including Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, and Tim Kaine’s home in Richmond, Virginia, for the night of the election. The no-fly zones around the homes of the losing Democratic candidates expired at 5PM EST yesterday.

The restriction around Trump Tower bans aircraft from flying below 3,000 feet within two nautical miles of the building, mostly affecting aircraft flying in and out of La Guardia, though it shouldn’t significantly impact flights. The Indianapolis restriction is only within one mile of the VP-elect’s home, and applies up to 1500 feet.

It applies to all aircraft, except military aircraft supporting United States Secret Service operations; law enforcement, firefighting, or medevac flights on active missions, or aircraft operating with in-flight emergencies.