Meet Suror Obada, Creative Director of Sucrosecrafts

Infobase Entrepreneur of the Week: Suror Obada, Creative Mind behind Sucrosecrafts

I am Suror Obada creative director Sucrosecrafts.

I create nicely crafted fashion essentials from handbags to accessories, sandals and slippers.

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Sucrosecrafts is committed to classy and unique crafts.

I sketch my designs and source for fabrics that can bring my designs to life.

Fabrics ranging from ankara, leather, gele, satin and so on.

Photo credit: ‘Tony Amenaghawon

It’s amazing how much beauty a customized bag/sandal can add to an outfit.

My designs and creative decisions are inspired by an infinite number of things. In terms of bag design, i am inspired by the world around me. It could be a colour/ shape or fabric i see whilst out walking or a current trend in a magazine.

Photo credit: ‘Tony Amenaghawon

My creative decisions are also inspired by my customers.

I started my own bag label after struggling to find unique bags and accessories. I just wasn’t fulfilled then, I always wanted some sort of amazing design. So I decided to go into it and I am happy I did.


Photo credit: ‘Tony Amenaghawon

I started out with just close friends buying my products, but now I have lots of customers.

One of my favorite quotes is “We are what we repeatedly do.”— Aristotle.

For me it is a reminder that I am in charge of my life and everything I do. Only me can create what I want for my future.

Cool looking Suror Obada has a degree in MassCommunication from Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State.

Photo credit: ‘Tony Amenaghawon

Sucrosecrafts is synonymous to handmade crafts; Suror Obada is sucrosecrafts!

You can make accessories purchases on Suror Obada official website at

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