Nigeria at 56: Leadership and followership the bane of a struggling Nation

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“Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when that stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine”—Chris Hadfield

How to overcome Nigeria’s challengesindependence-photo-beauty-of-nigerian-nation

As we celebrate independence, 56 years down the lane, there is need to ponder on how we have fared as a nation.

Bishop Kukah once said, “Nigeria is the only country where the past is better than the present”.

Looking at it critically it is indeed factual. Often the citizenry complain of corruption which has eaten deeply into the fabrics of our society.

Like Ayi Kwei Armah ‘s book,” The beautiful ones are not yet born”, this often times describes the state of our nation, as goodness and making life beautiful has eluded most of us.

We are a nation blessed with human and natural resources as opposed to some other nations bedeviled with natural disasters which often lead to the death and displacement of many. It’s disheartening that most of our challenges are human-related.

Terrorism which almost crippled the peace of our country particularly in the north has become a night mare.

Indoctrination and political manipulations have often led to the evil acts of this sect. When I was younger issues of bomb explosions and killings were often seen in foreign movies and no one ever imagined that it will become a reality in our environment years after.change-begins-with-me-infobasecomng

Sophisticated weapons are often used to carry out these dastardly acts and one begins to wonder if these people are ghosts and not human beings. Though the Military is doing its best but we encourage them to do more.

Vandalism and bombing of oil pipelines has also taking Centre stage and reports have it that the Niger Delta Avengers are clamoring that the government should take good care of the land and the people which produces the major revenue of our nation.

“What sense is there to damage a gas line as a result of which many towns in the country including their own town or village is put in darkness as a result? What logic is there in blowing up an export pipeline and as a result income to your state and local governments and consequently their ability to provide services to your own people is reduced?,” President Buhari asked in this year’s 56th Independence Day anniversary

The unrest is still on but at least human beings are often spared while pipelines are vandalized.

Furthermore, political unrest, rigging of elections, thuggery, killings of political opponents are some of the challenges heating up the Nigerian polity.

During elections the leaders often deceive the masses by making empty promises and spending the monies meant for the good of our nation to lure and win their hearts to vote for them.

Most people often mortgage the future of our nation for mere and temporary monetary rewards and in the long run we have nothing to show for it.

Moreso, decadence in the educational sector is pitiable. The relevant infrastructures, conducive environment for learning particularly in government-owned schools, truancy on the part of students and sometimes lectures, outdated method of teaching, exam malpractices, sexual harassment, bribery, the list is endless.

This has led to the continuous exodus of our citizens to study abroad and when they get there, perform so well that the brain drain syndrome  becomes the order of the day.

Hence, even after students must have graduated, getting a fulfilling and well paying job become a challenge, “man no man” situation gives you a job even when the individual might not be qualified.

Looking at the aforementioned stumbling blocks to the continuous development and growth of our nation it is as clear as crystal that our problems are human inclined and the major players are the leaders and followers.change-begins-with-me-infobasecomng

However, all hope is not lost, the change begins with you, we all must work together to build the nation of our dreams.

We must do away with tribal, political and religious sentiments.

Those who are leaders today were once followers, those who are followers today will be leaders some day.

We must purge ourselves of every corruption because once you as an individual can change your heart for good and we all do the same then goodness, peace and tranquility will reign in our land.

In the optimistic words of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 56th Independence Day speech, “Temporary problems should not blind or divert us from the corrective course this government has charted for our nation. We have identified the country’s salient problems and we are working hard at lasting solutions.”

God bless Nigeria! Long live Nigeria!

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