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2016 Job vacancies: Nigerian Railway Corporation recruitment


Job vacancies: 2016 Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Recruitment

Due to recent expansion and introduction of new routes, Nigerian Railway Corporation is hereby recruiting into the underlisted post.


  1. Pupil Engineer (GL 08)
  2. Higher Technical Officer (GL.08)
  3. Technical Officer (GL 07)
  4. Assistant Technical Officer (GL 06)


  1. Pupil Engineer (GL 08)
  2. Higher Technical Officer (GL. 08)
  3. Technical Officer (GL. 07)
  4. Assistant Technical Officer (GL. 06)

Responsibilities of NRC Civil Engineering and New Lines Department

  • The Civil Engineering Department has as its responsibilities of the proper design, construction, maintenance and renewal of all track, bridges, culverts, viaducts, buildings, roads, platforms, drains, fences and water supplies.
  • The department is also responsible for the maintenance of all engineering department transport vehicles, tools and plant.
  • However, the primary duty of the department is the track and its supporting structures (bridges, culverts, etc.)
  • These and other works must be inspected as frequently as possible in order to ensure that they are safely and efficiently maintained.
  • Proper track inspection is the most important service the department can provide to ensure the safe passage of trains.
  • The track inspector is the final link in a chain, which reaches from construction and maintenance to actual train operations.


  1. Pupil Health, Safety & Environmental Officer (GL. 08)
  2. Pupil Research Officer (GL. 08)
  3. Pupil Senior Store Officer (GL.08)
  4. Executive Store Officer (GL. 07)
  5. Health, Safety & Environment Assistant (GL. 06)
  6. Research Laboratory Technician (GL. 06)

Responsibilities of NRC Corporate Planning Department

  • The Corporate Planning Department is responsible for the Corporation’s Strategic planning and implementation of policies.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of all projects/programmes
  • Tracking the Corporation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI); coordinating the management, allocation and performance of procured resources through procurement process, Contract Management and Inventory management.
  • Responsible for Research and Development, Health, Safety & Environment and ICT Service performance.


  1. Pupil Human Resources Officer (GL. 08)
  2. Confidential Secretary (GL. 07)
  3. Executive Officer (GL. 07)
  4. Senior Nursing Superintendent (CONHESS 8)
  5. Pupil Public Relation Officer (GL.08)
  6. Public Relation Assistant (GL.07)
  7. Assistant Executive Officer   (GL06)
  8. Confidential Secretary (GL.06)

Responsibilities of the Administration Department

The Administration Department is one of the eight major departments of the Corporation saddled with the responsibilities of:

  • working with the Chief Executive in establishing procedures for the management of the human resources of the Corporation.
  • Carrying out studies in the development of personnel policies and making recommendations to the Chief Executive for prompt implementation
  • Ensuring that the Corporation’s varying staff needs are met and changes effected as appropriate.
  • Keeping personnel policies up to date, reflecting changes as they occur and ensuring that the Corporation’s staff are duly informed of the change in such policies and procedures.
  • Developing the systems and forms necessary for routine implementation of personnel policies and practices.
  • monitoring the implementation of polices throughout the system and ensuring fairness and consistency in their application.
  • Monitoring and co-ordinating the implementation of performance appraisal of all the staff.
  • Conducting salary surveys, fringe benefits and ensuring that they are within the approved Federal Government Salary Structure.
  • Taking charge of all activities needed in recruiting support and auxiliary services staff.
  • Co-ordinating, in conjunction with line Managers the day to day staffing of their units and ensuring that activities such as leave, and transfers are properly planned to minimize disruption of job in the industry.
  • Supervising the maintenance of all staff records and files and ensuring their completeness at all times.
  • Authorizing the payment of salaries and benefits as specified in the staff regulations.


  1. Pupil Accountant (GL08)
  2. Executive Officer (GL.07)
  3. Assistant Executive Officer   (GL.06)

Responsibilities of NRC Finance and Accounts Department

  • Finance is very important in the life of every business endeavour. Accounting for it could even make or mar the effective deployment of any available funds in an organisation. Based on this fact, a well structured Finance and Accounts Department exists in Nigerian Railway Corporation.
  • The main objective being to source and deploy effectively all the financial resources accruable to Nigerian Railway Corporation and to account for the same in the prescribed manner, to all interest holders.
  • As a Corporation established under an act of parliament, wholly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and carrying out its operations across states, local governments towns and villages in Nigeria, interest holders are wide and varied.
  • The Finance and Accounts Department is therefore so organised as to be responsive and also accommodate the interests of the Stake holders – including the Federal Government, Regional and International Railway Organisations, State and Local Governments, Employees – both serving and retired, suppliers, customers – (passengers and freight traffics) and the totality of all Nigerians who sustain the Corporation through tax payments.
  • The task for the Finance and Accounts Department is therefore quite enormous especially when it has to meet the expectations of the various interest holders with little or lean budgets.
  • At the moment, the department make use of Microsoft Navision as the accounting Soft ware.


  1. Pupil Internal Auditor (GL.08)
  2. Executive Officer (GL.07)
  3. Assistant Executive Officer   (GL.06)

nrc-gov-ng-2016-job-vacancyOPERATIONS & COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT

  1. Pupil Traffic Officer (GL.08)
  2. Principal Station Master (GL.07)
  3. Senior Station Master (GL.06)

Responsibilities of the Operations and Commercial Department

The Operations and Commercial Department is responsible for the carriage of passengers and goods; manning of railway stations; ensuring SAFETY of train operations; train control and signaling; train route planning; handling of train accident cases up to conclusion; traffic casting and assessment; tariff handling; collection and rendition of revenue; conducting market survey and customer relationship management (CRM).
The units in the department are Operations and Commercial units.

HOW TO APPLY FOR Nigerian Railway Corporation JOB VACANCIES

Interested candidates should send detailed curriculum vitae with a covering letter by e-mail to:

NRC Application closing date

Deadline for application is 18th September, 2016.

Qualifications for the all Grades



Applicants are expected to possess Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in relevant fields.



OND with minimum of three (3) years relevant experience



Applicants must possess Higher National Diploma (HND) or university degree in relevant fields.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

How to avoid NRC Job fraud

The entire recruitment process is free, do not give money or make payment to anyone in whatever guise.



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