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How to sustain music groups in Nigeria

Plantashun Boiz Credit:vanguardngr

Sustainability of Music groups in Nigeria

Music groups in Nigeria have indeed played a vital role in the sustenance of the entertainment industry.


The list I must say is endless. From the likes of junior and pretty, the” Bolanle” fine fine lady crooner, though Junior is late now may his soul rest in peace, the Plantashun Boiz, kcpresh, black tribe, Black Reverends, Remedies, Tribesmen, Maintain, Stylplus, Bracket, Psquare, to mention but a few, these aforementioned groups have either parted ways, with some becoming solo artistes or the entire group becoming irrelevant while a handful of them are still making waves.


Research has shown that some of these groups parted ways due to each one trying to go solo as it were, financial issues or some other reasons.

These reasons are sometimes due to pressure from family and friends or even record labels or each one feeling he has played a more vital role than the other.

It’s disheartening to know that some of these groups after breaking up with time fizzle out entirely.

How to sustain music groups in Nigeria


Proper management

The avoid these breakups the industry needs to be well structured in terms of proper management by very good record labels who will lead these artistes on the right path in all spheres.

Cooperation among stakeholders

For the music industry to grow and groups to continue to work collectively to produce good songs, the stakeholders must work collectively in making the entertainment industry.

Persistence and patience

Success doesn’t come overnight. A music group can’t be successful overnight, it takes time and hard work.

Gable Music Ventures explains this better in one of its interviews on how to improve the music industry, “There were times early on when I would sit in the bathroom and cry because we had less than a handful of people coming to see our shows.

“We were all things to all people, bar tenders, hosts, emcees, housekeepers, and marketers. At the end of the night we would look at how much we lost and shake our heads.

“But the next day we’d always get up and do it again knowing that this was going to take time to take off. We were told early on, run your shows the same, whether it is for 5 people, or 5,000. Be consistent.

“Having a high standard for all shows is one of our keys to success. I think I would say a defining “good” moment would be this year’s Ladybug Festival where we had 3,000 people come out and more importantly for the first time we had radio entities and press entities reaching out to us because of the level of buzz over the event.”

Plantashun Boiz Credit:vanguardngr
Plantashun Boiz

Music groups must remove toga of ego

Once one of the group members feels he’s the success behind the group that’s the beginning of break of such music group.

The fact that one person is the sole writer of the songs for the group doesn’t connote he’d be successful if he stands alone. We’ve seen great song writers in Nigeria who find it extremely difficult to get relevance in the industry.

Artistes must see their togetherness as a passion for the love of music.

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