N-Power Volunteer Network

Npower Support Centre telephone numbers

You may want to get in touch with Npower for inquiries, clarifications, or to resolve other challenges in the course of registration. If you have any question, Call Npower Support Centre on any of the following GSM numbers.


Monday through Friday

Call time: 800am-600pm

Here are the numbers to call if you’re facing any challenge in applying:


1) 08104000042

2) 07013000448

3) 08180000832

4) 08155000502

5) 07063827141

6) 09029845349

7) 08060414596

8) 08064721654

9) 08032104248

10) 07061135700

11) 08060426227

12) 09026804126

Email: info@npower.gov.ng

You can call any of the above numbers for complaints.


Npower Facebook Page

You can also reach Npower on facebook at:  https://mobile.facebook.com/npowerng/



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