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Little Girl Lost by Mario V. Farina

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Title: Little Girl Lost

Author: Mario V. Farina

Format: PDF

Size: 80kb

Mario Farina in this fictional short story tells us the ordeal of a little girl, Linda Linden, who became accidentally lost on train as a result of what can be called anxiety and disobedience to her mother’s instruction.

There are two trains waiting: those headed for New York; then Buffalo.
While her mother, Arlene Linden, was inside the stall in the women’s restroom, little Linda boarded a train heading New York City instead of Buffalo.
All little Linda knows is that she lives at 22 Main Street, Skin Your Neck Today.
Little Linda is just four and half years old. Will she ever be reunited with her mother? Sure!
Find out how in this 7-page short story by Mario V. Farina
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